What paid software would you LOVE free access to?



We’re looking to get a deal with International Student Identity Cards to help you guys get access to free software. We have the current short-list of things we’d love to teach and get you free access to…

Which of the above would you MOST like us to get free access to?

For other ideas reply below…


Spine 2D :slight_smile:


spine 2D


Welcome guys, thanks for coming over


The Allegorithmic’s Substance softwares.
(Substance Designer and Painter)


hello ben, in regards to you comment on the facebook group, i tend to find facebook more accessible as the notifications keep me up to date, it’s very rare that i ever use forums.


Am I an arse for turning-off comments on Facebook?


haha no not at all ben. especially if it is in the name of market research.


Thanks for the feedback @Simon_Griffiths. I don’t use forums either, except ones based on Discourse like this as they’ve done such a great job.


your welcome ben. i suppose in a way it’s all a matter of the topic context, but the main one for me is the force fed notification you get with facebook, however i also find facebook a massive distraction so it would be cool to have an app for your forum that alerts per post. i would literally use it every day then :slight_smile:


I clicked by mistake on “The autodesk suite of products”, count 1 vote for Zbrush!




In fact… just click “Hide Results” and change your vote


Adobe Illustrator! It’s good that software packages listed help you create games but what about the marketing materials? The logos? The screenshots? Photoshop is good, but limited for that.


Oh…ok changed it! By the way you could also post a pool on FB


Logos are better in a vector package. On Mac I love Pixelmator Pro as a hybrid which is super intuitive.

I’m off to bed, catch you all in the morning. Enjoy smooching on the new format forum.


I know, I know… but Facebook is evil (I don’t really believe that), and our forum’s awesome (now that I do believe)

Code Formatting

Badges to be earned

#tags for all lecture, and more. Here’s some fun for example

Secret reveals

… and much more


Illustrator is the main application that I find useful but can’t justify paying full price for. Unfortunately it does enough that i can’t realistically clone it myself and i’ve yet to find a competitor that really does everything Illustrator does. But it is just so fricken expensive for a casual user!


If your plan was to get students to register here it worked for me because I hopped just to vote for xD. Actually it’s the first time I see this format for forums, looks great I’m gonna stick around o.o


Great news, wasn’t really my plan, I just like to centralise conversations that are otherwise on 3 Facebook groups for Unity, Blender and Unreal. The forums are really great once you get used to them.