Took me 4 and a half hours to make, so I'm posting this here


Why so long?

Everybody learns at their own pace and some do the challenge without watching the solution at all.
In some case thoguh you may need the hint in the solution.
Also people have different experience levels, I myself did technical drawing back at school but that was some 25 years ago now and back then we didnt have a drawing tablet or software to this level.
Remember when you first open blender? I took one look at the UI and closed it again.

Please try to remember this when criticing peoples work thanks :slight_smile: (I know i cant spell it and spell checked failed me lol!)

Although @LillyHohl i think what White_Jackal was trying to say is “Did you have issues with maknig the model that caused the long creation?” If so please let us know so we can help but nice looking plane :slight_smile:


I ment no offense, I was just honestly curious.

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When you learn things, sometimes you can just be stuck for hours trying to figure out what certain tools do, you know how that goes.


Thank you @Marc_Carlyon and @Sam_Hamsord for the kind response. And that’s alright, no offense taken.

I did it without looking the solution and was afraid of getting awkward proportions and not being able to fix it later because I’m so bad at spatial/artistic stuff in general.
I had no big problems with the tools itself although I hadn’t used Blender for a few weeks and it slowed me down a little.

Besides that, had some issues with faces that would connect at unexpected places and fretting about what ones to leave or delete and how bad it would turn out in a UV cutting (I know the course hasn’t covered it yet, but I had a bad time following other tutorials).
A long time was spent trying to decide details such as wing inclination (was crazy comparing references, even sketched the versions to ask my fiancé’s opinion) and if I would colapse its end to 0 or leave a bit of volume (decided for the latter and now have mixed feellings about it), besides extruding points in fixed axes with bad calculations and going nuts about everything possible.
This model actually was my second try because I decided to start over again in the middle.

Overall my problem seems to be more psychological than anything else, although I truly don’t have a knack for this kind of thing. I don’t have OCD nor am so obsessed with perfection in most parts of my life. I gave up improving the model very far of pecfection, actually. Its mostly lack of confidence. I know I can improve with practice (even more if I stop fussing so much about the wrong things at the wrong time) but also fear I still will be too bad at the end, wherever it is, maybe the end of this course for the time being.


It just takes time and practice and then you will quickly knock up models as simple as these in moments.
Heres a quick one as i have done the course twice now and will be doing it a third time too!

A phrase a good artist once told me, “Its not about being good, Its about doing it again and again until you are happy with it and then do it again”


Don’t rush with conclusions so fast, things are getting better and better with practice, none of us was born with full set of modelling skills.

but also fear I still will be too bad at the end

I feared for a lot of things too:
whether I’m gonna be good enough at modelling, I tried and found out that yes, then I feared that I won’t be good with organics, I tried and got quite good with it, now I fear that I won’t be able to animate and render things efficiently, that my main commercial project won’t succeed. You never know for sure until it is done. And than new doubts arise, it just never ends.
I actually realised that despite this course being almost perfect for me, I still have to force myself to get back to it. When I actually do things in Blender, hours fly like minutes, but learning is tough, my mind always twists and tries to distract from learning. Those fears are part of it.

Answering the actual question: being bad depends on expectations you are putting ahead of you. It is good to get the basics to be able to make basic models for 3D printing which can be quite handy in life: you can make toys
or fix things etc. Make interior plans, basic illustrations. While getting through this course you will better understand what you can and want to do with 3D in general.

I wanted to make a plane real quick too but ended up spending 2 hours at it :smile:. At least I got 8th model to my collection.


Thanks! You’ve both made really nice models and helped me feel better about the path ahead. My aim is to make 3D models for games I’m starting to develop with my fiancé. = ]
My first objective is to model… gnomes. :3
I hope to be able to do so at the end of the course, maybe even of section 4 and that chess pieces…

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