My lamp animation, and a few other models I have been long overdue to show here

Here are some of the things I have finished-

First up, my low poly spaceship

I started this way in the beginning of the course when it asked me to make an airplane. I decided to make a spaceship.

2nd on the list, my bowling scene

3rd on the list would be my chess scene
(something went weird with sketchfab, so I will upload a render)

The render:

4th and finally, is my lamp animation. My animation is titled “High Speed Impact.” It took me about a weeks worth of time to perfect the animation.

If you can’t see the animation go here:

I think this animation teaches 2 very important life lessons:

  1. When you get knocked down, get right back up.
  2. Don’t jump in front of high velocity experimental spacecraft.

I apologize for the high amount of uploads in this one discussion, but I didn’t get the chance until now.
To everyone in America, happy independence day, and everyone in Britain/other countries have a nice day as well.

All the best!

P.S. Tell me what you think of my creations so far =D


The chess set looks excellent mate…great job! i could not see the animation for some reason, is it my comp or it did not upload properly?

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I don’t know. I uploaded an MP4 file, and I can view it fine from my PC. Are you using a mobile device?

The chess set looks great! And I love the animation. That lamp better watch where it’s going !

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Looks nice, though with the movie the action with the jet is going so fast I’m not sure what is happening. I had that too in mine: Jumping planes where something similar is happening but managed to get it better using the dope sheet. Have you worked with that already? If not, it’s worth it and fairly easy to use.

great looking stuff. i like the space ship quite alot. it is all futuristic, and i believe the shape is meant to absorb the radar signals which will make it invisible to radars (yeah i have been reading space war books :slight_smile: )

the chess set looks amazing as well.

congrats on getting this far.

Hi @Minghua_Kao No, I unfortunatly do not have experience with dopesheets but I will definitely look into them! Thank you for the suggestion!

Thank you @mustafaneguib!