Alien Head 3d Model

Here is the result of me playing around with extrusions right after learning of their existence:

I think it looks pretty good, but it is lacking a body. I will try to create a body for it as soon as I can, but I cant seem to think of what it would look like. If you have an Idea, or have any sort of feedback, comment below! CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcomed (keep in mind as of this post, I JUST learned about the sculpt tool).

Thank you for your time!

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Nice one! I think it looks like some kind of rhino / lizard, it’s a great start! Continue practicing with the sculpt tools, and at some point look into something called retopology to make your life easier when you want to animate, unwrap, etc.


Yeah its cool…kind of has a chameleons eyes but a rhino horn…neat monster / alien /creation

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Thank you very much for the feedback!