Jumping planes

I already uploaded this to the Q&A but seeing that this section is still empty I thought I’d start it off. A few tips. With this exercise I was really happy to discover the dope sheet as that gave me much more control over the different element in the scene. That made getting the timing right much easier. Another thing that I did was that I “acted out” the scene with my hands to get a feeling of timing.


Wow; that’s cool and unexpected! ;_; Poor little lamp’s base came off!

I really like how he pops out and then lands and tries to hop then leans, very damn good work with keyframes! :smiley: This animation is great, though the bounces at the end could likely use a little work. Resistance stuff like that is always the trickiest to animate manually.

Thanks, I was thinking the same thing. When I find time I’ll be reworking that bit. I may also add in something he’s examining at the start of the sequence.

By the way, the way he came off the base is based on real life experience with IKEA lamps. :smiley:

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Now thats a plot twist. lol

i thought the lamp will jump around like pixar’s.

For some reason the video isn’t playing for me. Shame because it sounds good :slight_smile:

I was able to view the video posted in the sandbox forum so im not sure why it’s not working here. I’m using a Samsung galaxy s5

No idea. The uploaded format is mp4 but I doubt that is a problem.

Love it it amused me. Curious what was the render time?

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Not entirely sure. I rendered bits on three different computers (dividing the work depending on capacity) and then put all pics together to get the movie. I think it would be about a day or so.