Low Poly Weapons

I’ve been away from modeling for a couple months, so I’m trying to ease back into it with some speed models. Here’s the first of what will hopefully become a set of low-poly weapons.


  • Cycles
  • Flat shaded
  • Verts: 133
  • Faces: 124
  • Tris: 244


It was mostly just a matter of duplicating and resizing, though I played with the blade a bit. Now I think the longsword blade looks funny. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Shortsword Details
  • Verts: 144
  • Faces: 120
  • Tris: 252

I think both blades are pretty cool, and the proportions look right. If you need some inspiration, you could watch some episodes from Forged in Fire on YouTube. They forge lots of interesting weapons there!

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thanks! That sounds interesting, I’ll check it out!

For the proportions, I was able to find some good reference pictures so I basically just “traced” them and scaled the objects according to the measurements listed.

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Scottish Claymore


Claymore Details
  • Verts: 294
  • Faces: 271
  • Tris: 545

@Alexandra_Ispas I watched a bit of Forged in Fire. That is pretty cool! Makes me want to forge some blades for real! Never tried that before, though I did make one out of wood one time. Not quite as sharp :laughing:


There must be some spell cast on those watching this show. My boyfriend is set on making himself a forge too, he’s making plans for the future with him smithing around :woman_facepalming: I’d personally rather be the one to wield the weapons hehe

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I’m working on a battleaxe, and I’m getting this issue where quad faces are rendering as tris.

I’m pretty sure this is an issue with the faces being non-planar. I’ve always just dealt with this by adding more verts and edges, which is no big deal in high-poly. But is there some way to make the faces more planar without adding verts?

@Ethan_Martinez @Jaco_Pretorius @FedPete or anybody else have some low poly tips for me?


N-Gons (quad faces) are always triangulated!

The break is visible when one of the four (or more) vertices are not aligned on a flat surface.
Like a clean, flat cut.
In other words; the QUAD face, divided into two triangles have now two normals (two faces) not pointing in the exact same direction. Hence a different reflection, colour intensity.

This is the problem in hard surface modelling.

So tweak vertices or add a texture to hide this effect.


Fed Pete covers it as I understand it too. Everything is triangles in the end, quads are modeling aid.

That is what shade smooth is for. lol. Cheating aid for low poly.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Do you know of any operations designed for this specifically? I remember in the chess set section of the course there’s the part about displaying “deformation” (I think that’s what it was called), but I don’t remember any specific way to fix it other than just fiddling the vertices in different directions.

I think this is what I need for now. Usually I prefer flat shading with things that are very low poly, but if smooth shade combined with “auto smooth normals”…
2020-10-15 21_31_53-Window

…set to a very low angle, I can get basically the flat look without the distortions:

Here’s where I’ll leave it for now:

And the Collection so far:

Going to need an armory to store them soon, or at least a weapon rack. The battleaxe looks a little small next to the swords, but I followed the dimensions listed from the actual items, so I think it’s just a one-hander. Thanks again for the feedback!

Battleaxe Details
  • Verts: 131
  • Faces: 140
  • Tris: 258

Boar Spear

  • Verts: 113
  • Faces: 113
  • Tris: 206



Can’t decide between poking and bashing? Try this spiked mace and poke while you bash!

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That’s good marketing, I’m almost tempted to buy the meshes :joy: if I were making a game of my own I wouldn’t think twice about it!

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But wait, there’s more!

Order now and you’ll receive not one, not two, but three–yes, THREE–amazing bludgeons!

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These are perfect for my medieval fantasy series :joy: I would like to order a few hundred of these for my armies! I hope the 3for1 promo still holds.


Is this a real project? I was planning on putting the files on some kind of asset store/database when I finish the set. Any of you guys can use them if you want.


Yes this is a real project, but I’m referring to a book series, not a game :slight_smile: But visuals are still an important inspiration source, so I’m always eager to see more blender projects that might have anything to do with my stories :smiley:


Oh cool. Have you written books before?

Here’s the latest: A dagger (a.k.a The Stabber)

I’m pretty happy with how this one came out. Simple, but nice and clean, and I finally got the fuller (or “blood gutter” if you’re feeling gruesome) to work. I tried it in the sword blades, but was unable to get it to look nice. The trick was in partial smooth shading (as mentioned earlier), so thanks again to @NP5 for the tip.

I’m enjoying getting multiple reps and making similar things. It feels like my work flow is improving, as is the output. This one, for example, is better than the swords IMO. I may go back and touch them up.

Feedback is always welcome.


I am waiting for the chain maille, and plate armour, gambeson, coif, etc. Bit more taxing lol.