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My name is David I am from the U.S Illinois. I am taking this course in hopes of becoming a game developer. My experience so far has been good. The only problem I have ran across is when I try to open a saved game it says the save has no file associated with it. The learning part has been fairly easy, But this is just the beginning I get nervous when it comes to the thought of the coding part. I have always wanted to make video games and hopefully one day I will make some good ones. Nice to meet you all.


Hello everyone!

Excited to continue this course! So far, it seems as though both instructors are clear and concise with their explanations and knowledge. Hoping this trend continues through the more technical lectures.


Hello! So, super excited to begin this course, I have a totally inspired idea for VR Game, but I need the basics first!


Hello I am Rodrigo, I wanted to learn programming and game development becuase I find it really interesting, I took programming courses but this guys seem to do an excelent job in teaching so I will stick with it , besides I looking for more ways to get some money , I am from El Salvador by the way


Hi! I’m Jose, from Spain, and I would introduce myself further but I already did here!

I’m interested in learning C++ because I come from an artistic background but I got hooked to Blueprints as I participated in a postgraduate project. I feel that I’m ready to take my ideas to the next level, and to do that I need to start doing actual coding. So here I am!


Hi, my name is Dave and I’m from Glasgow, Scotland. I’m a lifelong avid gamer and look forward to starting this course.


been learning how to code with c++ over the last couple years and I’m an avid gamer, so wanted to give this course a shot!


Been scavenging YouTube for Unreal Engine courses… finally found this course… totally excited.


Gonna love it probably.


hey all :slight_smile: I always wanted to learn Unreal.


Hello guys coming in as a 3d modeler here to learn new skills and hope to accomplish a transition into the coding field and land a job one day.


hello everyone, i m from India.


Hello All,

I’m Utkarsh from India, I’m a test automation engineer by profession. I love developing stuff using different programming languages, and I posses experience with JAVA and Python. I wanted to develop games since my childhood as I’m a gamer by heart. I’m looking forward to learn some exciting stuff this course has to offer and to interact with you all while I learn. Hopefully one day I would be able to develop exciting games and will achieve my childhood dream. Cheers!


Hej man, I am also a control engineer, more like electrical engineer. I think I am on the same page as you. Although I learnt fortran and matlab for work. Cheers.


Hi all, I’ve just started the course now so see you all later on in the course, hopefully quite soon :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m from the East Midlands, UK, and joined the course in preparation for a University Games Programming course next September, as well as wanting to learn C++/how to create games in UE4 in general


Hey everyone. I’m from Orlando, Fl. I have a PM background and have been leading development of the game Wanted for the past year. ( I’m doing this course to learn how to better communicate with programmers on the team and contractors.


hey nice to meet you im sure with your background you will be able to pick it up much faster possibly then others hope you the best contact me if you ever wanna connect to collaborate in a game project down the road who knows where it can it lead?


Mike from Houston TX here - learned some Unity last year on Udemy, now going for Unreal. I want to get into VR development - have already purchased Ben’s course on VR but need to get thru this one first.


Hello everyone… This is Hari from India… Have been an avid gamer from childhood and it kind of made me take up programming as a profession. Have knowledge in java and developing websites. Looking to learn how to make games just as a fun side hobby.