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If you’re reading this, there probably aren’t very many posts yet. But don’t worry, you can be the first! Either create a new post or just reply to this one to say ‘hi’.


Hi to everyone doing this part of the course, it’s already looking good, and I can’t wait to chug on!


I almost feel like this is the hardest part of the entire course. Hello everyone!


Well done, it’s all downhill from here :slight_smile:



Hi, always been interested in game coding so thought I’d have a go with this course. Looking forward to it!


Hey all! I’m new to the course and new to coding in general. Hoping to gain some good foundational knowledge here.


hey all :slight_smile: I always wanted to learn C++ and Unreal. C++ is the most famous language to learn.


Hi everyone! I’m a designer trying to learn how to code and as a visual person there’s no better way than to learn it building games. :slight_smile:


Hi:D I From Brazil!!!


Hi everyone! I’m very excited to be here and I’m ready to learn.


HI guys its nice to be here, and lets go to be better!
I am unreal engine lead in small team development in Brazil


Hi guys! The idea of share code is really amazing! I never knew about this tool before, also, was checking the presentation and looks awesome


Hey everyone. I am a career developer ( over 20 years XP with networking) but have never done games. I am a gamer and thought I’d try my hand at this. Looking forward to building some cool stuff. :smiley:


Hello to everyone. I am a late in life learner working on a BS in IT. My long time love of games peaked my interest in this Udemy course and seems like it will be a nice accompaniment to my college courses. I’ve been focused on web development and database management up to this point. I am looking forward to this new field of education.


Hello! My name is Jeff. I am from Philadelphia, I speak Spanish, and I like making things. What could I make with Unreal? I’m hoping to do VR someday, but for now I am happy to do programming and Unreal.



My name is Denis.

I am from Russia, I speak Russian and I wanted to make games as long as I can remember.
I have much experience with C#, Javascript, Ruby, PHP and ActionScript (please, give a try my first game - Cats’ Tales:The Great Harvest -
I also have a little experience with UnrealEngine 4 and C++, so I want to improve my knowledge of these technologies.



Hello! I’m Matthew Wiecek, a software engineer and an artist that wishes to learn how to design games in the Unreal Engine. I figured creating games would allow me to develop my artistic skills and programming skills. I am also taking a course in Blender as well. :smiley:


Hi everyone.
I’m Paul from Poland :grinning: and I’d love to learn C++ and Unreal Engine. I don’t have any previous expirience with game dev. Always been fascinated by combination of art and science which is game development.


Hi, everyone!
My name is Milos from Serbia. I always wanted to learn how to make games! Glad to be in this course finally!


Hello everyone. My name is Michael. I’m from the US originally but living in the UK, and I’ve been playing around with the design aspect of game design for about 10 years. I’ve just recently gotten into learning to code so I can start taking some of the more complex ideas I’ve created for table-top games and implement them in a way that will do the vision justice. I’ve already made some headway into C++ thanks to Stroustrop’s text on the principles of programming, and I’m looking forward to making more progress in the new year.