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Hi Emel, I also live in LA. Just started this course today, hope you’re well!


Hi everyone! I’m really excited to finally be doing this after 30 years of playing video games and wishing I could make them one day. I just purchased a VR system and was immediately taken back to the first time I played a video game. I cant wait to see where this voyage takes me! Cheers!


Hi! Just bought the course and I can’t wait to get started learning unreal!


Hi everyone, I am very excited to take this first course with udemy.


Hello everyone, i like the course so far. If anyone need to bounce ideas off each other, or help each other get unstuck or motivation , this course can be really boring sometime hahaha


St. Louis, MO, USA, i like Cpp so much that i would like to challenge myself. Anyone near me?


Hi everyone, I’m a game music composer from the Netherlands and I want to deepen my understanding of how games are made and, well, just have fun with playing with it myself!


I’m an embedded software engineer doing UI/UX design in C++; I’m here because I love the work and this course seems like a great opportunity to develop applicable skills.


Hello everyone, I’m a sr. software engineer III with Blind Squirrel Games. I’ve been working with UE4 for about 3 months, more or less learning it as I go, and have run into a number of surprises with how UE4 does things. I wanted to learn a bit more about the Unreal way of doing things, and hopefully gain a deeper understanding of the Unreal basics. Looking forward to taking this course with everyone, and hope to see everyone’s successes.


Hello all the way from Panama, in Central America. Here to learn about games I love to play, and now can learn to create for others.


Hi all, I’m incredibly interested in learning to build games, so very excited about this course. Look forward to what comes next!


Allo everyone. So excited and full of ideas. I’m in Ontario, CAN and can’t wait to jump in. Cheers


Hi Everyone! From different parts of the world.

I just got into the course days ago. So hyped. Let’s see what I will achieve in the weeks that follow.


Hello All, Miguel from North Carolina, new to the course, but excited to learn more


Hello to everyone here :slight_smile: I’m Gabrielle from Canada and I’m very interested in C++ and the Unreal Engine. I’ve been following this course for a few days now. Making progress!


Hello, I’m Mohammed from Palestine, hope to gain the good experience and skills to be Game Developer.
I’m ready


Greetings to everyone. Got to this section of video course, excited to see what’s next :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’ve been 3d modelling since I was 13, but haven’t expanded into code yet. I’m looking forward to gaining more skill sets to help me propel my career in game design.


Hi, nice to meet you all.


Hi, I got into programming from my high school computer science course where I learned Intermediate Java, I’m here because I wanted to learn C++, Unreal, and because it was on sale