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Hello everyone! My name’s Ethan, and I’m a student graphic designer looking to learn to make my own games. I’ve done a couple of game design courses, and I’m really looking forward to one that actually helps me learn code! (I didn’t say those courses were very good) I want to keep this as a hobby, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be putting my full effort into this.

Edit: Also, I’m from Colorado Springs!


Hi everyone ! My name’s Jean-Baptiste (call me J-B). I’m a physics student from France and always loved coding games and simulations. I’m looking forward to learn as much as possible about game programming using Unreal with this course. I have been coding mainly in C++ in the past, but also a bit in C# with Unity but I would like to take that to a next level by handling some 3D.
I would love to work in the game industry in the (hopefully not so distant) future so if you are interested in collaborating for some project to kickstart that dream, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Well hello there! If you are reading this it means you scrolled down quite a bit hehe. Anyways Let me introduce myself now! My name is Noaman Zahid and I am currently studying Computer science at UCT. Decided to learn game devs for fun xD


Hey! I’m a 20 year old 3rd year computer engineering student from Mumbai, India.
I’ve always loved games and have always wanted to learn the process that goes behind making of those.
I’m hoping to get a good idea of that through this course and also hope to have something to add to my portfolio for college applications for masters, haha


Hello everyone, my name is Ahmad, I am currently pursuing a B.S. degree in computer science and I am interested in game development.


Hello everyone! I am super excited to get started on this course! I am Joseph, from Sugar City, Idaho. I am a QA Engineer, and am self-teaching myself to code in C# and C++, as well as learning Unreal. My hope is to eventually create awesome and worthwhile video games!


Hi there I’m Enrico from italy. I’m a former web developer that wish to respec in game development. I’m super exited to begin this journey and I want to say tank you to all teachers for the greate courses they created on udemy.


Yay game-dev!! Hi everyone :slight_smile:


HI everyone my name is Jason and I have always been interested in game development so I decided to just take the plunge.
I’m from Oregon and just wanting to say hi.


Hey all, just starting this course. Looking forward to having my mind blown away!



Hi all,
Should have done this a few days ago but better late than never, My name is Keith, I’m from N.Ireland and am taking this course for my own hobbyist reasons.
Really enjoying it so far so hope the rest you have fun, also good luck to you all :slight_smile:


Hey there!
It’s nice to become a part of this community, wish you all good luck doing what you love. Here’s something about me:
My name’s Bartosz (reads like Bartosh). I’m currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology, so I’m rather more into making things take off the ground (rocketry is amazing ^^), but making games has always been one of my interests, or at least a dream. Now I’m fully committed to making it my hobby and developing my programming skills even further, maybe even getting a gamedev job for some time in the future.
If any of you need my help, I’ll be glad to support you with my already intermediate C++ experience. Please feel free to message me, we can learn a lot more together!
Thanks ^^


Hey everyone!

My name is Daniel, from Alberta Canada. I work as an electronics engineer by day. I took C/C++/Java/MIPS-assembly in school, but I’m rusty. My main experience is in embedded firmware. I look forward to learning higher-level programming, in web and game development. I’m doing this for fun. It gives me contrast from my day-job, and I have long been passionate about games.

I look forward to diving into this community! :smiley:



Hi all, im from the UK, trying to get into production, and see dev as a great way to get there so looking to learn and get there a best i can


Hello, Godfrey here!

Recently signed up for this course because I’ve been looking for some way (Any way at all) to get my first taste of game design so I can make my way into the industry. I’m coming into this with very little exposure, but I’m really looking forward to learning all that I can from everyone!



Chris Sehy
Here lots of C++ and game development. No Unreal experience, but I’m here to change that.


Hello all,

Looking forward to getting started with C++. Looking forward to Learning all this course has to offer.




Hi Everyone

Im new to C++ studied java,android and php at uni




Hi Guys,
I start a new phase of my life with this course.
Welcome for everyone and enjoy.


Hi everyone, My name is Mark and I am currently studying Computer Science, I started this course because I am interested in the gaming industry and want to learn more about creating games.