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Intention - Training Island/Prototype
Theme - Learning Experience/Persistance
Experience - Fun/Action
Design Pillar - Fantasy world towns.

A to B flow
Test Ranged
Test camera
Be mindful of terrrain due to first person camera mode.
Decisions on assets
Town with COT (center of Town)


Hi fellow rpg builders!

This is a sketch based on my concept called STALLED, described here

I’ve decided to use the physical height/depth of my game as an indication for the hardness/persistence in the game. I’m not sure whether I’m gonna use a crater or an island as a map but as you can see in the pic below for the level design it does not really matter. The level consists of a couple of “rings”:

  • First ring: gathering base resources safely without real threats.
  • Second ring (MKI): expect some scouts and light military droids on your path and get to know the knowledge tree (for upgrades).
  • Third ring (MKII): heavy armed enemy droids and defensive structures like walls and turrets are now your next obstacles
  • Centre ring: the endboss(es) fight. I’d like to make this generative so the player always gets a slightly different experience.

After each ring the player can build a save point with enough resources. This way more experienced player do not have to begin at the “noob”/outer rings which can be very boring if you’ve upgraded your droid to te max.


  • need to check the scale; how big is one ring / how close are the obstackels and enemies / what is the average attacks per time range
  • Energy management: movement and attack consume energy, waiting/resting upgrade refill energy
  • Technology center (upgrades based on blueprints)
  • checkpoints/save stations
  • repairing
  • correct camera angle when navigating the whole crater/island

Hope you guys like the idea :slight_smile: Feedback is welcome!


[QUESTION] Terrain vs. modular level design
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@JeroenBoumans Awesome work! You are definitely doing an excellent job of setting up your RPG for success!


Thank you @Rick_Davidson. I think I’ve been set on a right track thanks to the insights and information of your design videos so thank you for that!


@irresistiblejelly Nice work! I look forward to seeing how it comes together!


Cool sketches guys, thanks for sharing.


I made my level design based on arriving by boat to a foreign region which is under attack by a rising enemy force. I want to keep a sense of mystery initially, as your player is new to the land, and has no idea of the political conflicts within; so I didn’t want the player to be confronted with combat until some suspense has been built. Once entering the town (after break roadblock) you are introduced to much more combat, before reaching the boss. The numbers represent places I hope to implement a puzzle as my development progresses. The boss is guarding the roadblock to the exit of town; in which the player must defeat to win.


I might go back and tidy up the design in Photoshop later, but I did this quick pen and paper scribble while at work.

The setting is an unfolding apocalypse, you’re camping with your friends. in the woods. You hear a sound, wake up, find all your friends gone. After being attacked you find your way out of the camp site, and keep looking for your friends. After you can’t find them, you get to your car and leave the area.
This concludes the ‘Prelude’ (Moment) to my project

The basic level flow is written in blue on the side, with the player path and play area (boundary) highlighted in red
The Red X’s represent some sort of enemy/battle/struggle, the Green hashes are forest areas

Necro-Two Level Sketch: 00-TheCabins


Here is my first (rough) sketch of my level

I think that in the fountain there will be a pig that shouts "Up with vegan down with bacon!


Pretty simple level prototype


Awesome sketch, well done


So instead of a town or village I decided to make it a city, or capital city of the area. I’m going to include a cemetery on top of the mountains with a dungeon and a boss. I was also going to include some type of legend as I see just about eveyone else included but decided to use the whole page instead ! lol I also decided to leave an open place in the mountains where there might be a random enemy possibly low level boss with a loot crate, or maybe a hermit hut that’s a quest giver asking the player to defeat the enemy that’s been attacking.


Here is my level. You start out at the bottom relatively flat. Then work your way up a hill/mountain. The X -> means that guy will run to signal others about this awesome hero coming their way. Sparse trees towards the top. Green and rocky mixed together. The castle/fortress at the top would be made of wood.



I thinking about starting my hero out in a remote farming village with woods all around and an Orc cave not far off in the woods. His job is to support the farmers getting their goods to market and clear out the Orc cave if possible (also watch out for bears). I would love to do some day/night lighting and have the Orcs behave differently based on the time of day. I also like the idea of monsters being able to retreat if they have are hurt (back into their cave?). Maybe I will even include some child orcs as a moral problem for our hero to solve.


Mine’s more arena based so no a-b flow.


Just something very basic at this point with terrain limiting the direction choices. If the player goes up slope the have an opportunity to see, and for ranged attack on, enemies waiting around a bend in the lower path.


So here’s mine:

Haven’t put in an actual starting point as there’s 2 options to start from - from the Great Forest or the Sea (choice to be made by the player). This is actually more so that there’s also 2 points I can leave from in my next quest :slight_smile:

There’s 2 possibilities for bosses in my game, either the priest in the Church, if the player decides he’s being deceitful and trying to get the player to do his dirty work for him, or the ‘monsters’ in the mountains. Again, up to the player in that respect.
There’s no particular flow to the level in other ways, I want the player to be able to figure out for themselves who they feel the bad guys are and act accordingly. They can go into the village, explore around it (minding the wildlife of course) or go into the mountains and explore there.

I have yet to decide what I want to do with healing, as I plan on having a lot of fights happen (loads of monsters around, loads of wildlife), it’s a dangerous and lawless territory, so it will be necessary, but I almost feel like those regular health potions (like in Diablo etc) are a bit of an easy way out. I’m thinking maybe if the player is not in combat he will auto-heal a bit, and faster if he camps/ rests or something like that.


This is my sketch for the level. You can choose if you do the quest, and follow the main road, get the key and pass the gate or if you pick the secret road behind, and fight your way through the tunnel system in the background, to enter the main boss in the center. It will require a healing ability, and some skill full fighting tactics, thats why i put some mana stones beside the castle/ temple.
Excited to build it in unity :smiley:

What’s your thoughts about it? Please let me know :slight_smile: