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In order to keep the course going, I decided to use some kind of tool to help with this.
I used to get a random dungeon, This is what i got:

It also has a detailed explanation of the environment look and feel, monsters and other nice stuff.

Dungeon Walls Reinforced Masonry
Dungeon Floor Natural Stone (move at half speed, can’t run)
Temperature Cool
Illumination Shadowy (phosphorescent fungus every 20 ft.)

This is my implementation in Unity:


My design for my game is centered around the MetroidVania map style. So, it will have many doors that can only be accessed through exploration. For example, some doors in the scene require keys, some require Bombs, and two require you to go to the other side first. Also, an area is only accessible if you obtain a grappling hook first.


With so many responses here, I thought it might be good to drop off a link to my topic: Project "Discord" - Level Sketch

I’d be very interested in your thoughts :slight_smile:



My game, which I’m currently calling “Project Potion”, is intended to be a light-hearted exploration/crafting/RPG game. The core game loop is “explore, find components to unlock a new area, craft the macguffin (item, special ability, w/e), explore some more” with enemies serving three functions: challenges/obstacles, crafting resource sources, and target practice to use the newly crafted items and give the player a happy for having crafted the thing.

Requirements include: player movement, player attack, player ranged attack, player health bar, player death (and probable level restart), enemy movement, enemy attack, triggered item spawning, item collection, display of collected items, interactable nonenemy objects, and of course visual assets that won’t get me sued.

Nice-to-haves include: player special abilities, player ability resource system, enemy ranged attack, progression save system so players won’t need to re-gather components or kill enemies again if they die.