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Our Blender Courses include #complete-blender, #environments and #characters.

New to the forum or the course? Why not introduce yourself to your community, tell us a little bit about you; where you’re from, what you’re hoping to gain from the course(s) and perhaps what experience you already have?

Whilst you are here you can view the forum topic categories, forums tailored and specific for the course content, and of course our student showcase, where fantastic creations are being shared with the community.

Perhaps you want to discuss something that’s about Blender but not lecture specific? No problem, head on over to our Blender General Discussion forum and let your voice be heard!



How’s this category looking graphically?

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Very nice :slight_smile:



What is the appropriate place to share my work with others? I think creating a new topic for new model will make a mess.



Thanks for asking. If it’s a finished model, then in the #blender:showcase. If it’s mid-way through a section, then in that section.

A new thread is fine for now, we’re looking into using tags to group all threads relating to a specific lecture but we have some issues to iron out first.

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