About 'Text101 Game Design'!



This is my theme for the Text101 Game Design Challenge!

Game Theme: Crystal World


Player: You play as a young male / female that just woken up from a thousand years of sleep in a crystal. He/She wakes up and finds themselves lost in a world surrounded by crystals.

Goal: Your goal is to navigate the world and discover what your purpose is in the world and remember your past.


The theme of my game is prehistoric, taking place at the end of the Cretaceous period just days away (or hours away, depending on how the story develops) from the extinction event.


The player is a volunteer for the world’s first time machine, but things don’t go according to plan. The time machine crash lands in the late Cretaceous period, knocking the player out in the process. When the player awakens, his/her memory is lost.

The goal is to A) survive the environment (and of course, the dinos) and B) find a way back to your time period before the asteroid strikes the planet.

About 'Game States'!

Theme: The assassin who lost his whole family. The scene is in a distant future. He uses a lot of techs to track down his target.

Who are you?
You are the assassin and your goal is to take down your city’s mayor before his announcement.

Your goal.
Eliminate all the threats along your way and kill the mayor.


These are the details for my text-based game called The Redemption of Kellhus

Theme: Fantasy

Player: The player is Kellhus Blackhorn, a soldier in King Elhokar’s army. He wishes to prove himself to the king so that he might be granted a boon: A fight to the death with one of the king’s generals, Lord Akka, who had sent his parents to execution when he was young in an act of corruption and greed.

The Goal: Advance through the heirarchy of the king’s army to become a general, and win impressive battles to impress the king onto granting you a boon.


[Challenge] My CYOA Design

What is your game theme?
psychological horror

What is the setting?
A wing for the criminally insane in an asylum

What is an image that sums up your game theme?


Who is the player?

A pacient trying to escape

What is the goal?

Reach the security room and found the master key


G’Day Rick, Here’s my game scene:
It’s a kind of Science Fiction Dystopia! Just think of Matrix - it’s quite similar. The tricky thing: The main Villain is named Hades and your best Friend is Zeus… Matrix meets Greek Mythology. #roxxx

The Image that sums up the game: You can imagine the Hero (Ben) as a young man, standing there with a kind of light saber (the ‘Zeus-Flash’) in Front of plenty of Drones (Griffins, send by Hades)

The Player: Ben (the Hero) waking up in a High-Tec-Hospital, having
no idea where he is or what has happened

The Goal is: Beating Hades who kidnapped Emma (Ben’s Girlfriend) and wants to be the World’s Emperor! #DarthVaderMusicIntensifies


Alright, here’s my CYOA idea

Game theme/setting
Vampires, modern world

Image that sums up my game theme
Here it is.

Okay, let me explain.
There’s a myth that says, that vampires cannot enter someone’s house without an invite.

The player is…
A vampire.

The goal is…
To get an invite to come in (via dialogs and unlockable dialog lines after speaking to neighbors, collecting info, looking through windows or searching in the mailbox or stealing pets or…)



A Sci-Fi setting during a time of war and turmoil between two warring factions… (Think star wars Old republic vs. Trade federation) .

The Forsetti that once ruled the galaxy have suffered multiple aggressive assaults from the Musepell and since then have declined in influence…


The player is newly recruited captain of the Forsetti Alliance controlling a sizeable frigate in the Forsetti fleet.


During a solo patrol, a swarm of Musepell fighters that seemed to bear cloaking technology began surprise a attack run on your position. Thrown into a panic, you power your engines to retreat back to home base but the Musepell fighters deploy hack drones that disable your power systems… Red lights begin to flash in the ship interior and loud whaling sirens echo through the ship corridoors as Musepell raiders begin to board your ship. With little experience in the field, you instruct your crew to resist the invasion but many die in vain as the enemy outnumber you 10:1.

You are the only remaining survivor and you must find a way to navigate to one of the escape pods located at the other end of the ship.


Game Theme:
A SteamPunk game on a city where corruprion rules

A Engineer that works on the main district

Start a riot


Hi everyone,

Off the cuff, this is what I came up with…

Theme: Escape Room Adventure becomes real

The image for this is (taken from narcity.com):

Who is the player? You, the average, everyday fun seeker.

Goal: Find the first clue to aid your escape.


Theme: A carefree day in the life of a dog


Player: An adorable 2-year-old Australian Shepherd

Goal: To experience the simple, uncomplicated joy of a dog’s life


Theme: Hacking for revenge.



Player: a 17-year-old girl hacker who is trying to avenge his father from a big corporation. He was unfairly incarcerated because he saw something he shouldn’t have seen, and the company got rid of him.

Goal: To hack the company, upload their dirty work on the Internet, and leave undetected.
You have help from your best friend.


So, here’s my game design idea. Perhaps it’s a little overzealous for a ‘Choose your own adventure’ text game, but the picture in my head is vast and seems like it’s infinitely expandable, so this definitely helps put things in perspective and lays the ground work to set some expectations for myself. I’m typically extremely disorganized, which can flat-line my goals pretty quickly, so clarifying those goals upfront is an extremely valuable and important step. As such, game design lessons like this one are very helpful to me. Thanks Rick, and keep up the good work!

Game Theme

A psychological horror based around the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and the hallucinations/nightmares commonly associated with the experience. I read one account of an individual who was so terrified by what they had experienced that even after breaking the paralysis, they ‘wasted no time bolting out of bed’ to the safety of their front yard and sunshine. I thought it would be neat to explore a scenario in which the nightmare continues even after ‘waking up’, and the individual is forced to cope with the fact that their home is no longer safe. With the discovery that the house has mysteriously lost power, their only hope to overcome the impending sense of doom is to escape their home and seek the sanctuary of a light source. Depending on their decisions, the player can either banish their nightmare or give in to panic and descend to madness.



Who is the player?

An individual experiencing sleep paralysis and other horrors in their home.

What is the goal?

To get to the streetlight outside.


Even since I had been to Iga Ueno in Japan where I get to chance to visit the ninja museum and some historical place. I feel that I want to make game about of ninja.

What is your game theme?

Fantasy in Japanese like world.

What is an image that sums up your game theme?

Who’s the player?

The player came from a poor warrior family and player was send to train with their uncle who master the art of ninjutsu. After 10 years of training the player finally become a ninja and got their first mission.

What is the goal?

The player had to infiltrate the enemy clan’s castle and destroy their gunpowder supplies to weakness their military force.


Theme: Wild West
Player: Town Sheriff
Place: Little Western Town
Enemies: The Outlaws
Goal: To Defeat And Capture The Outlaws
Picture: download%20(1)


I love the freedom that you’re giving!!!


Theme: a medieval fantasy world, including a small village at the foot of a mountain, on top of which there is an abandoned castle
Player: a lone traveller
Goal: Reveal the secrets of the castle37276941_187610638779287_898225825080410112_n


My Game theme is a fantasy world with lots of magic

The player is a dark mage named Maleketh seeking a path to ultimate power

The goal is to take the Book of Vile Darkness from its pedestal to learn its power and use it for yourself


Game theme: Medieval world

Player: well known thief

Goal: the goal of my game is to steal The magic crown


My game theme is a medieval rpg world
The player is a woman warrior
the goal is to travel as far as possible