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What is your game theme?
Cyberpunk + some ocultism

What is an image that sums up your game theme?

Who’s the player?
The player is Nad Wyke, a 19 years old girl. She’s a lot curious about everything and her hobby is to catalog EVERY information she discover about anything in world.

What is the goal?
Gather information about a mysterious sect


Hi there!

Theme: A guy that awakes in a hotel covered with blood and don’t remember anything about who is, what he was doing there…
Player: The guy
Goal: The goal is discover who is the guy, what was he doing there, why he is covered with blood and don’t get
catch by the police before discover all this things


This one seems fun… came to me extremely fast so I hope that it works out…

Theme: Evil Circus Escape.


Player: Zacson a young teenage kid who stumbled upon a supposes abandon circus.

Goal: Escape the Circus before they catch you!


Hi Rick,

This if my first post here at the forum. I’m an experienced programmer, so basic coding skills are going more than smoothly. I’m in the hopes that it will get a bit more complex. I’ve always had a passion for games, but I never really dove into it. I got a masters in Compilers and Code Optimization but never coded a game. So I decided to start studying and I will start from the basic, doing everything. I hope your course feeds my curiosities about game development.

Theme of my game: the theme will be what I like to call “clean space future”: tall bright mirrored buildings , white tech, clean stuff, white warships, no dirt, no dark.

The player: A doctor/scientist/whatever whose father is a mad scientist and she’s trying to stop him destroy the universe.

The goal: stop her father. He’s about to build an artificial star that will wipe half humankind.


Hi! Decided to keep it simple with my theme, definitely not as unique as some other people here.

Theme: Treasure Hunter/ Dungeon plunderer - A sort of tomb raider/ indiana jones type vibe was what I was thinking of.

Some images that sum up the theme:


The Player: The main character is going to be a young male named Leo or some other cool name. This picture is close to what I imagined:


The goal: Unsurprisingly, the goal is for the player to get to the end of the dungeon, avoiding deadly traps along the way, After which he finds fat stacks of loot and becomes filthy rich.


Early Steam Punk/Industrial era. A giant bomber airship is floating over the city dropping bombs.

Player is a fugitive/Thief that attempts to take advantage of the city being sacked to loot for weapons and escape alive


Game Theme: Post-Apocalyptic Space
Image: Apocalypse-earth-exploding
Player: You play Stephen Wrin, one of the last survivors left on a soon to be exploding Earth

The Goal: Escape the Earth with your newly acquired friends from out of this world.


Game Theme: Humor Survival
Player: Sara, owner of a cat named Hopper who is host to mutant fleas.
What is the Goal: Seek and Destroy all of the fleas before they take over her house and she is forced to move.


Hello everyone!

Here’s my Choose your own adventure:


Medieval / Fantasy world with lots of magic.



You’ll play as Nyra, a young girl that just woke up in a cell of a giant white tower surrounded by clouds.


Your goal will be to escape the cell and discover where exactly are you and why.



Here’s my theme for the Choose Your Own Adventure game.

Theme: Based on the science fiction film Pacific Rim



The Player: A jaegar pilot trainee.

Goal: Your training base is under attack. Escape with a jaegar.

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​My theme is going to be about a person in an airplane that is about to fall, and the decisions that they may or may not take in order to save the plane. My picture is going to be a plane that is about to crash.


What is your game theme?
Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

What is an image that sums up your game theme?

Who is the player?
A young human mage helping a gang of thieves.

What is the setting?
A small part of the Golden City, capital of Elves.

What is the threat?
Guards, making noise, being seen.

What is the goal?
Succesfully burgle a house of rich elf, stay alive, preferably unnoticed.


Theme: Viking mythology. Atreus is left alone after Odin kills kratos.
In his journey of revenge on odin he will face many enemies and two main options, controling his spartan rage or succumbing to it.

The main player is Atreus.
The goal is to kill Odin


Well not doing much but would love to share an idea, about the game image selection, and game design.
Summary: One fine day John is annoyed with daily routine and would love to get back some energy into him. After thinking so much he came to an conclusion of yoga, exercise, and workout.
Game theme: FAT–> TO --> FIT

Game Images:21%20PM41%20PM


Noir City

Who is the player?
A private investigator with a troubled past.

What is the setting?
The underbelly of a city controlled by a dangerous mob.

What is the threat?
Gangsters looking to stop anyone who is meddling where the ought not to be.

What is the goal?
To find clues that will solve the murder of his brother.


Game Theme:
Managing an Apocalypse Base


The one in charge of a struggling apocalypse community

You goal is to manage the community as effective as possible to ensure the survival of the community


Theme: Human test. A man who wakes on an unknown area and do not know how and why he is there.


Player: A human who is trying to figure out what is going on and he has to survive in order to get out.

Goal: Survive and escape the unknown area.


game theme - real life

the player is tim - a 20 years old nerd from Texas
game goal- achieve total domination on your neighbors


This is the game theme for my game: Up at Night

Player: A small child
Setting: A house at night.
Plot: You wake up upon hearing a strange noise from the floor below. You try to get to your parent’s room, but your door and your windows are locked.
Goal: Get to your parents.


I thought in a simple concept.

Theme: Fantasy. is a outlander who just want to leave the town. but don’t know how.


Player: An outlander thats just leave the tavern

Goal: leave the city.