A Warm Welcome to the GameDev.tv Community


Hi Mark, I hope you have been achieving your goals. I’m kind of in the same situation only I’m looking at 3D printing and animation. All the best, Larry. Also in the UK.


Wow, Just wow. I’m learning Blender to rebuild my practical life up after my CPTSD & Fibromyalgia stopped my career in social work in its tracks. But it was a long, increasingly hard grind to get to the point of not being able to take another step forward.To have your life so drastically altered in a single moment seems unimaginable to me. Yet it happens.

Very best of luck in all your future endeavors. L


Thanks alot for your kind words @Larry_McCauley

It sounds as if you have been through a very testing time. Well done for learning new skills and expanding your skillset with new stuff. How are you finding the Blender stuff?



I’m enjoying it, but still feel torn between Rhino and Blender! I had intended to use Blender as a replacement for Rhino to create objects for 3D printing, and to create animations about mental health issues. Trouble is, for what it does, Rhino is superb. But expensive…However, Blender is still good for learning animation. Hoiw are you faring in 3D land? :slight_smile:


Nice, glad to hear it!

I don’t know Rhino so I’ll look it up! :slight_smile:

You must send me some links to what you’re up to. Use leigh@tilleytech.com

Well at the moment I’ve been caught up in more of the business side of WUBLWater & WUBLWorld and we’re in obtaining funding bit…So the Unity stuff has been on hold :frowning:

So when I get back to it, initially I’m working on 2D stuff as I can produce 2D stuff. I haven’t looked at 3D yet as I have so much work to cover and not enough time!


Hi, have sent you an email with a link to what I’ve been up to. Quite different from your lovely stuff on WUBLWorld, as it turns out. Still, we can admire each others efforts from each other’s hilltop! But if you ever need a wubl printed :slight_smile:


Hello, friends. Though I’ve been studying programming for some time now, I am just doing my first course. I am a philosophy student from a rather distant country; though English is not my native language, I’ll do my best to manage.

I am always looking for people to work with and share ideas and opinions. I have intermediate knowledge on Python and am currently working on a program which is on a beta phase (it downloads puppies’ images from the web, stores the downloaded url’s on a .dat file and creates a folder for each things). The aim is to remove the sweet puppies and make it download movies, virtual books or albums. Thus I’d have an automatic, customisable downloader, which would make my life pretty easier (I waste a lot of time looking for movies to download). Only some issues are to be solved before it’s finished and the puppies -a mere ornament- are gone. Python and me are in a very tender, loving relationship.

I like to share. My biggest passion is poetry; my dream is to live writing both poetry and code. I wouldn’t say I love any of the two more than I love the other… but poetry makes me happier, and, at the end, that’s what life’s about. I really love programming. I really love music. I hate studying philosophy on the university just as much as I love reading it by myself.

I guess that sums my life pretty well. Did I say I like to share? Haha. Please, do write me if you have cool things and projects to show!! And if you don’t you can write me anyway. See you!!


i am sorry, my english writing is really poor :frowning: i know. My Understanding is better, and i hope i grap the right Topic here.

so hello everyone, i am new to this Community.

aver to spend some years in Develempent “a Mod”, just i want to do my own Staff in Unity.
Until that, i work in the ETS2 ( Prisma ) Engine of SCS, and now, i am really on the Limits there,
because this is just an old Engine, uses DX 9.x

if anyone interested in my Works, than he can watch here:


( Rebuild under 1:19 Game Scale, Cairo / Alexandria and Egypt )

so: i am a Crack in Blender, and in ETS2 prefabs and other Things.
now i work hard on my Develepment on Unity.

Happy to Hear from you, and wish you a nice Day :slight_smile:

PS: Who have Blender Questions, in Model Building, Texturing and other, can ask me :smiley:

( i hope the Topic is not wrong :frowning: ) hm.


Hello all!

I’ve just started Udemy course Learn to Code Making Games - Complete C# Unity Developer 2.0 with Ben Tristam and Rick Davidson. I’m an experienced C and VB.NET developer living in California, USA and look forward to learning Unity game dev.

Can’t wait to work with all of you in the future!


Hey, my name is Cicero, I’ve been a developer for 7 years now and finally decided to learn a little bit about game development!
I just started the Unreal course.
I live in southern Germany and I’m very eager to learn more.
Nice to meet you all!
ps: I prefer CamelCase over snake_case



I’m Andy, also known as The Bearded Buccaneer. It’s my dream to be working for myself before I turn 45, and I love games. I have some ideas that I want to bring to life, so I am here.

I studied design and IT at college, so I have touched on coding before in the past. I’m currently working through the Learn to Code by Making Games - Complete C# Unity Developer course right now and enjoying it.

I’m from the UK, and moved to the north west of Germany a year ago.


Hello guys!

Back to school yet again haha… :smile:



Learning the C#, and C++ as a hobby of mine. Nothing really exciting to report.


So… Hi There!
I’m from Poland, and I am working as graphic designer. currently I am learning C# and Unity, and in spare time Blender :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on the ‘Complete C# Unity’ course for over a month now. This has been my first step into going beyond my aspirations to become game developer.
Games have been my passion for over 30 years. While I certainly wish I had acted on my aspirations decades ago, I’m reminded that it’s better late than never; especially when you have journals and a head full of ideas.
I’ve definitely made some strides this past month, so I’m quite chuffed about where this will take me. I’ve got to thank Mr. Tristem & Co. for the great work put into said course, as I assure that it will not end there.
Cheers from Syracuse, NY USA
Twitter - @Edscapist


I have some exposure to Unity (version 3), ready to get serious about creating games again.


Hey All - just popping along to say hi - just started the Ultimate Unity Dev 2.0 course and was “challenged” to do this :slight_smile:
Hope you are all well?
Based in North Wales in the UK, i have a small amount of coding knowledge, but wanted to challenge myself with something more fun and interesting.


Hi everyone!

I was just reading up here in the introductions topic and thought I should join in the fun.
My name’s Tony and well… computers have always had this amazing attraction on me.
I’ve always wanted to get into coding, maybe even professionaly but I was always put off by how dull and pointless many books and courses can be. I just can’t do it that way! So far so good with this course though!

I’m currently working as a teacher in adult education teaching Office and computer/internet basics mostly.
Also quite experienced in sales, but as I said… really way more interested in tech/computers.
I hope to eventually become (nearly) completely self-employed and be able to just make my own fortune!


Hello GameDev Staff and Community!

I am an aspiring indie game developer from the Sunny South of England. I studied game design at the University of Wales followed by Game Art at Escape Studios in London. My career was put on hold for many years due to receiving three (three!) kidney transplants which led me to pursue part time jobs in accountancy. I realised it was time to get back into my passion for making games by teaching myself (or rather being taught by Ben and his wonderful gang) how to code. It was the missing piece of my puzzle to enable me to make fully fledged games and following completion of the fantastic Unity 1.0 course I was able to ship my first game to the Play Store!

I have been on downtime for the last year and in order to refresh my knowledge I have enrolled on both Unity 2.0 and the Unreal course in order to further deepen my knowledge.

I look forward to interacting with the community, sharing and caring! Thanks Ben and the team for providing such great resources and environment in which to learn and grow.


Hi all!
I’m Anni and I’m a gamedev student!
I was given a tip to check here for people who might be interested in taking part in some games research I’m doing and now I’m kinda interested in the rest of the site ;D This looks like it’s really helpful and some of my student buddies might be interested in it too!
I’m from around northern eastern europe and have a background in indie comics and cartoon animation. I’ve been having some health issues in recent years so that’s put a slight hamper on work and other opportunities but I’m managing.

I’ve already taken some udemy courses about 3D animation and some gamedev ones in the past and will keep looking for more probably.

I have some practical experience in 3D design and animation as well as 2D cartoons and have been doing game concepts and characters for a long time. I enjoy just gaming too, especially stuff like TF2 & Trine series, beat-em-ups & platformers but also games like Cave Story, Undertale so yeah! Nice to meet ya.