A Warm Welcome to the GameDev.tv Community


Welcome to the GameDev.tv Community!

We are really pleased to have you join and look forward to your participation in both our courses and our community as a whole.

Why not start by telling us a little bit about you; where you’re from, what you’re hoping to gain from the course(s) and perhaps what experience you already have?


Hi! I’m Jamie

Ben told me to introduce myself here, I can’t see lots of other people doing it and so sorry if this isn’t the right place to put it (it seems to say it is near the top). We’re both involved in project managing web developers but thought it would be fun to try actually making something and learning to code a little :slight_smile:

I have an oculus rift and am pretty avid gamer, especially Witcher 3 at the moment!

Literally just started so hopefully I’ll make it through the whole thing :smiley:



I’m Lou and I’m starting this course with Jamie :smile:

Enjoying it so far!


Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard :slight_smile: Have fun


Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa. I am currently enrolled in a CNET program with my school. I do love all aspects of computers, even the networking side. It is not what I really want to do for the rest of my life however. I have been dabbling in Java and a little bit of C++ for a couple months now and have been interested in it for several years. I was not sure where to get started then happened to see the courses available on Udemy. I may as questions quit often because that is one of the best ways I learn. Good luck everyone!


Hey Vanessa,

Glad to have you on here. I’m not a beginner to C++ but definitely not really experienced. Such an interesting language is C++.

Always practice code, best way to cement the language in your mind is to write and practice it yourself. Many make the mistake of just reading and thinking they get it (I used to be that way then wondered why nothing would stick)

Good luck!


Thank you :smiley:


Hi everyone

Just started learning to code with the unreal course. I’m business analyst by trade and enjoy learning new things…like why my developers keep saying it’s complicated and will require a few more days :wink:

Looking forward to participating and making games…:grin:


Hi everyone,

I’ve been learning Unity through various tutorials and practice off and on for the past 3 years. I’m working towards completing many games for myself and eventually learning enough to teach in my hometown, Pomona California.

If anyone is down to meetup and study or have a workday together, let me know!


Finally giving programming a go, cant wait to develop some games we enjoy here in the big state like “Alcoholic Street Brawler”, " I Can Pull It With My Diesel Truck" and even “Shoot My Foot Cause I Drank Too Much”. I’m sure glad to meet ya’ll folk, keep in touch. YeeeHaaaw!:laughing:


Howdy! I’m new from Texas as well. This is actually my first contribution here, I just came from the end of section 1 of Ben’s course. Those all sound like fantastic indie game ideas hahaha. Especially excited for Alcoholic Street Brawler. Should be a great party game. I’m hoping this community can be just as helpful as the class seems to be so far.


Hello everyone I’m DJ, a normal guy from pittsburgh and I’m finally taking the time to learn a passion of mine which is game design. Hope to meet people and get tips as i take this journey and hopefully master it lol.


Good luck, mate! It’s a journey full of blood, tears, joy, surprises and fun! Definitely worth to take :wink:


Welcome aboard, and enjoy :slight_smile:



Nice to meet you!

I am new also, I am logging on as instructed by the teacher. Im pretty excited, I have no formal coding knowledge but am hyper-familiar with 3d modeling apps having to do with the architectural profession. Wish us all luck!




I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Stephen.

I graduated from The Universty of the West of Scotland with an honours degree in Computer Animation and from Motherwell College with an HND in Filmcraft & Animation. I have been working on my 3D skills for several years in my spare time, making suer i keep up withthe industry standard software and pipelines. I am a stay at home dad, I know very modern of me, so I get a decent amount of time to work on stuff.

I decided to start the Learn to Code by Developing Games in Unity with C# because I felt it would open up more job opportunities when my son finally gets to full time school next year. Who knows, maybe by then I will have created or worked on a game that will land me that dream job working for Rockstar, Axis or somewhere like that.

Anyway, if anyone wishes to collaborate on a project and needs a 3D artist to build assets or environments then I’d be glad to become involved. Or if you are a game dev and need advice or help with your own 3D stuff, just ask. My website is:




I am new here and though I would take a second and introduce myself. I am very new to all of this while it is all a little daunting I am super excited. I am taking classes at MIT Open Course Ware in the software engineering as well as using other resource to teach myself to become a developer. I would love to learn all of this with other people, partially why I am here, but for now self motivation is what I eat and breath ;). Currently I am an artist working on a card game project called TROMPLE - Make AI Great Again. This has been one of greatest experiences I have had and has really helped me find something that I actually want to do in my life. My BIG goal is to eventual make my own game studio and publisher working with indie games and help build connections for people within that community. But for now am at the beginning of a rather long road I suppose.

Most of my design experience has been with Gimp and Microstation, as well as some website design. I am in the process of learning C++ here on Udemy using the Unreal Engine, Java at MIT Open Course Ware and Java Script on Khana Academy.

That is enough about me…


Hello everyone!
My name is Malik, and I’m taking The Unreal Engine Developer Course in Udemy with my son. I have at least one more of Ben’s courses but decided to focus on this one for the sake of getting my son up to speed with programming. This is my first visit to this site, but the community looks pretty active. I look forward to meeting people and maybe even helping out/collaborating.
Have a nice day!


hi my name is Amon