A Warm Welcome to the GameDev.tv Community


Hi all

Anders from Denmark checking in. I have been following a couple of Unity courses to get a better understanding of game development and what it takes to create great games. I am working on applying a new business model to the gaming industry and I hope it will result in an entirely new way to play games.

Hopefully, I will be able to share a beta version with you in 12 months time :D!

I love to help so if you have any questions regarding game monetization, marketing or anything business related feel free to send me a message.




Hello, Game Dev Community! My name is Lauren and I’m from Alabama. I’m interested in Game Programming and want to make a career out of it. I’m currently in the Grow with Google Scholarship program for Android Development. I’m excited to get started with this course and meet all of you.


A good [please refer to your current time of day] to everyone!
So I’m Vaughn, I’m from the Netherlands but currently based in Singapore. I have a lifetime of playing games (I’m sure pretty much everyone here does) in my pocket and I thought of learning some basic gamedev stuff. Just a casual hobbyist thing. I’m very much into indie games and pixel art, who knows I’d be able to release something enjoyable to play along the way.
Following this course does give me newfound appreciation of… well… pretty much all games that have made, regardless whether they were good or bad… you never really do realize how much work goes into it if you only play em.


My name is Brian, and eager to leard 3d modeling with Blender


I am Amar Gore from India. I have been attending Blender 3D modelling course from last 3-4 days and I have learned more than I had expected.
My main motive behind pursuing this course is to be able to make short animation films and perhaps a feature film some day.
This is my first experience in online learning and joining any online community. I hope I get a lot of help and support from this community and I will try to give more back to this community as well.
Thanking you all for having me here.


Nice to meet you too Anni. I am all interested in learning animation but I have no previous experience of any kind, though I write good stories sometimes. Since you have experience in animation I hope you could help me out sometimes whenever I get stuck.


Hi Hough.
I am Amar and pretty much interested in animation. I have opted for Blender 3D modeling course here on udemy. I have no previous experience in animation. Hope we can help each other along the way.


Hello everyone.

My name is Steve and I am a professional developer who is looking at game development as a hobby. I am enjoying the course so far and look forward to creating some basic games. My eventual (an not really realistic) goal is a procedural generated 2D Skyrim game. Or maybe Galaga, that is a fun game as well.



Hi everybody!
My name is Filip, I am 28, from Prague, Czech Republic and I really enjoy GameDev.tv work and their courses!
I will share my work with you soon!
See ya!


My name is Silvio and I’m from Milan, Italy.
I’ve just started the Unity Developer 3D course and i’m really glad to join this community.
I’m a VR/AR enthusiast trying to develop within this new media.
My coding background is in web development (Javascript, HTML, CSS) :rofl:
Wish you all a happy learning! :rocket:


Hi everyone!

My name is Justin and I’m from Miami, FL, USA.
I just enrolled in the Unity 3D course, taking a big step towards one day creating my own visual novel.
I have some really basic coding experience, but not anything that could be used towards game development really. I look forward to learning throughout the course. :slight_smile:


Heya! My name’s Arman - I’m a designer at Google in SF, and getting into C# and gamedev as a hobby. I’ve taken a few of Ben’s courses in the past and have really enjoyed his approach, so I’m looking forward to connecting with you all on here!


Hi my name is John,

Developing games has always been an interest of mine, and at one point I was seriously considering going to a University for it. Life though took a sudden turn for the bad, and my plans were ruined. I was left jobless for 3 years, and lost what little I had. It was period in my life where the years blended together, and I was pushed to my limit. I picked up my personal motto of “Keep Moving Forward”. Finally in 2011 the light in darkness came in the form of a apprenticeship at a shipyard. The next 4 years I would succeed, and complete that apprentice becoming a journeyman pipe fitter. I had picked myself up, and dusted myself off coming out of the most difficult period of my life stronger than when it started. Successful people aren’t born or made. They’re forged in fires of challenge, difficulty, and trail. What defines them is the challenges they overcome, and how those challenges make them stronger and better than they were before. I am now more determined to make my dream of not only working in this industry, but having my own studio with my own team making games to my vision the way they were meant to be. Not having a board of greedy accounts deciding how it should be, and how it should be cut up to maximize the profits at the expense of the experience.

I know the road ahead won’t be easy, but behind me lays a more difficult road I have already defeated. My success will only be limited by my desire to succeed. Dream big, aim for the moon, and never look back. Keep Moving Foward.


Hi, I’m Trace. I’m a composer and sound designer working on my first game, and after struggling for months decided that it was silly for me to not know more about the code and unity which we’re working in (but I’m making noises, that’s my job!!) so have started digging in and learning.

I’ve been composing for a long time (25 years or so) and gaming for even longer but it wasn’t until last year the idea that I could put those both together hit. I’m currently playing Undertale and working my way through the Mass Effect trilogy.

It’s nice to be here!


Hello, My Mame is Andrea De Gregori, from Italy. I’m a beginner but i would like to learn game making for hobby. Actually i’m in the unreal c++ course.


Hello! I’m Chris from MN. I work as a web developer for a local university and I’m exploring game development as a hobby. I’ve made it partway through the 2D Unity course and am starting the 3D Unity course, since I’m more interested in making 3D games. I mainly enjoy RPGs and action/adventure games. I think it would be cool to work with others on a game, so I’m hoping that the courses will get me to a point where I could do that. So far, I’ve enjoyed the content and I’m glad to see that the team is putting a lot of support behind these courses.


Hello everyone,

I am Raajit Ranjan from India. I am have subscribed to the Blender 3D course so that I can learn 3D modelling and contribute to game development in some way. I also intend to take up more courses but for now Blender 3D rocks !

I can say I’m ‘okay’ in programming, not very good or experienced but I like to fiddle around with programming languages and web development. I’ve always been intrigued by the design aspect of computer software. I believe that this course can help me make good quality 3d and 2d models which can be utilized in games and movies etc and help me make a career in the gaming or animation industry.

Thank you, all.


Good evening,

I am massively excited to be embarking on what is largely a new experience for me, I have done some some very basic aspects of coding, following a few tutorials on Youtube, however I often found myself getting fundamentally stuck and feeling lost in the pursuit of an answer. This proved to be an extremely frustrating and demoralising experience that made it difficult to stay enthused as I attempted to fumble my way through. Having perused the earlier videos of this course I can gladly say I feel far more enthused towards the prospect of learning, with so many outlets for support being readily available. Whilst I would be more than satisfied with simply learning how to develop games for personal enjoyment and as a hobby, I believe I would be remiss to not admit that ultimately I would love for this to be my profession.

In terms of myself I am a passionate gamer from the UK who’s initial drive to learn more about game development arose from that passion, wanting to better understand how video game’s take shape and what the process is. My early studies of the subject only reinforced that interest, with my admittedly limited experience of success with development being incredibly rewarding; ultimately leading me to pursue this course.

I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for the incredible course and opportunity, having viewed the earliest of the content I am confident that this course will prove to be an extremely useful asset.



hi im Rick and new to the course. I have always been interested in computers and games. I’m not sure where and what i will do next. Just here to learn Blender right now and will see where it takes me.


I’m Scandy from south Italy.

I am currently on the “Complete C# Unity Developer 3D” course on Udemy… we’ll see where it will lead me :wink: