A Warm Welcome to the GameDev.tv Community


Hello, my name is Gustav van Rooyen.

I am an indie developer from South Africa.
I have about five years experience in game development. I released my first commercial game on Steam called THE ADVENTURE OF SAM CARLISLE: THE HUNT FOR THE LOST TREASURE using Gamemaker Studio.

I am doing this course to learn to get out of my comfort zone. I have an idea for a 3D game that I would like try.


Hi, my name is Denis. I am 30 years old from Sofia, Bulgaria. I have a passion for video-games since the early 90’ and would like to create my own game. More than two years ago I found Udemy and Ben’s courses and started with Unreal course, but due to different reasons (always on-call work, newborn, etc.) I was unable to pass more than 30% of the course. Then again I tried with the Unity course, but again I was unable to find the time and did around 20% of it. Now that I have left my job I’ll try to focus on the courses starting with Unity 02 this time. I want to get into Indie Game Development. I know it’s a hard path but I will try my best this time. I am a Reddit user. I also love technology, pc hardware, vr, etc. I have owned Oculus Rift DK2 and currently
own HTC Vive which I hope to use not only for playing games, but to actually make something.

Best Regards,


Hi I am Renee.
Nice to meet you all. I am an artist and fashion-jewellery designer, already a bit lost in a completely new way of layout and language here, but loving it. I’m hoping to learn some new skills, diving in a complete new discipline of 3D design and play around with textures.

If there is anyone with similar backgrounds I would love your feedback, cause so far I see a lot of game developers, which is also awesome, but I would love to see in what ways designers apply the program, tricks and tips are welcome.

Love to you all.



Hello world from Bigjimlefou

I’m a Java developer from Belgium and I’m here because it’s time to reconcile my work and one of my passion(Video Games). I’ve enrolled for Unreal AND Unity courses as I am still looking for the tool that suits me best.

I’ve knowledges in: Java, play framework, akka (actor system) and Linux (System adm. and my favorite desktop OS).
I also enjoy: Free Software, taking/watching photographs, playing video games and last but not least caffeine in all its forms.



Hi my name is Miana i am from Pretoria in South Africa. I am 14 years old and want to become a marine biologist. my mom suggested to do a blender course just for fun and that it may be handy someday. I am really new to all this and i am hoping to make new friends here.
PS. I am home schooled



Welcome to the community Miana!

A marine biologist, how awesome, perhaps as you progress through the Blender course you can create and share some marine themed models for us, we will look forward to seeing your work :slight_smile:


thanks :blush:


Salutations. My name is Phoenix Hough, I’m an aspiring Animator who’s heavily inspired by Monty Oum and his works.

I’m here to learn prop and character creation, material and texture mapping, and really anything else to help bring more diversity to my animation tool set

Also would love to collaborate with other creators and all around meet like minded people, both new and experienced.

Thank you for the wonderful course. I’ll be sure to stay in touch.


Hi, my name is Johann Harding. I am 29 years old dude from the province of Quebec in Canada, more precisely “south shore” (Rive-sud) of Montreal.

I have dabbled with Unity and C# for years and read about programming in general casually. I’ve started attending a programming course at the College CDI of Longueuil since 3months now. I am looking forward to learn as much as I can about programming and Video Game design. That’s why I started the Unreal C++ Course.
Thank you.


Hello everyone!

My name is Shawn, aka sozzie, from Ottawa Canada. Studied programming quite a while back, been flirting with the idea of game development for a while and been looking around all the available courses for a while. I’m registered to quite a few of Ben’s courses actually (Unity 1&2, Unity Cert, Unreal and Blender).

I’ve decided for 2018 I’m give this a real go since I have a couple game ideas already and I’ll see if I can make anything happen with them.



I am bharat sahlot from Modinagar, India and I am android app developer(self-taught). I develop android apps using android studio. Currently I am taking The Unreal Engine Development course on Udemy. I want to become an android app developer along with a game developer. Team with me if you want to.



Hello people !

My name is Yassine and I am 28.

I am living in France in a small town not to far from Paris.

I got for a long time the will to learn how to make video games cause I love this. I never coded by myself, but always have been really curious about it.

I know it’ll takes time from me to be able to achieve what I want, but I am prepared ! haha

My real goal is to be able to create an RPG game. I already wrote the specifications, and a good part of the database are wrote in spreadsheet form.

At first I didn’t plan to make the code by myself, but I ended thinking it will be funny and less complicated that to ask everywhere on the internet.

Maybe my ambition is too big, but I don’t really care. I am here to learn, and try my best in something I find enjoyable.

Pleased to meet you all :slight_smile:


I am just introducing myself. I am completely new to Unreal Engine and game development in general. I do have an antiquated computer programming degree, but I haven’t used it since 2003 and have forgotten much. I am just thrilled by coming back to C++ and getting to know how to navigate the engine!


Hey everyone!

Steve here, and I’m from Southern California. I currently work for a small game studio as a gameplay/UI engineer. Before (finally) landing a job in the game industry, I worked in digital media as a senior software engineer.

I’ve dabbled in hobby game projects for the PC off and on for the past 20 years or so, made predominately with C++, OGL, DX, etc. I had never been a huge fan of complete game engines but I have to admit that the modern versions of Unity and Unreal are pretty amazing.

I’ve been poking at the Unity course content for the past 6 months or so. My goal is to become more active in the course and this community. I’m happy to answer any questions about working in the game industry or programming in general.

It is GREAT time to be a gamer and/or a game developer! :smiley:


p.s. I loved the Descent series as a teenager, hence my avatar. It was the game that inspired me to pursue game development. :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m a graphic designer from Columbus, OH. I’ll be celebrating my big 40 this year. I’m looking to broaden my horizons, and fill in any gaps I may have missed along the way. I’ve dabbled in 3D for years. In the beginning, it was out of curiosity and the desire to mod my favorite games. I used the skills I gained in future graphic design projects.

My ultimate goal, I’d love to create my own games. I have several ideas that I’d like to create and release for play on Android devices. I’m hoping to update my portfolio with several projects, to take it from interesting to wow.

It’s a pleasure to meet everyone!


Hello, I’m a software developer from Faenza, Italy. I’m 26 years old and I subscribed to this website alongside the C++/Unreal Eng course.

My aim is to improve my current C++ skills and learn the great tool that Unreal Engine seems to be!

Hope to stick around for a while and maybe have an opportunity of conversation with more skilled people :slight_smile:


Hi there! :slight_smile:

I’m 23, from Germany but living in England and I signed up for the GIMP and Blender courses. I hope to learn a couple things in order to work on my portfolio, as I want to start working in the industry.

So far, I mainly have experience regardiing illustration, especially using Paint Tool SAI. Though I used to work with GIMP for a few years when I first started looking into digital art, about 10 years ago. I recently also started playing around with Krita but I’m not very familiar with it yet.

I look forward to learning new stuff around here and seeing where things will lead. :blush:


Hello everyone, I’m Audax from Ghana (West Africa), 28 yrs old, I work as a JS fullstack developer for a New York based startup called Andela. I have always been passionate about games and dabbled around with game development building puzzle games in JAVA/Android until I participated in a Global game jam where I heard for the first time about game engines like construct,unreal engine,cryengine,unity,phaserJS…etc. I am really excited to begin my journey with Unity Game Development. I aspire to be a Game Developer in the next 5 years and I’m working hard towards it. Hope to learn a lot from all of you here. Cheers!



Im André, but you can call me Vincent, for conviniance.
Im 27, from Portugal, and im a noob in game develepment but i want too create my own game same day.

Hope to get along with everybody.

Good coding to you all.


Hello people. I’m here to learn Blender after having some success with Rhino and 3D printing. Would like to do the same with Blender plus learn some animation to help promote mental health awareness as well as promoting better mental health management for those who suffer from mental health problems. Will also be handy to promote my 3D printing stuff too. I’m a dab hand at Wordpress and would love to include animations of my work on a future site of mine. Hope to do well, hope to make new friends with an interest in using Blender in similar ways. Or just new friends in general! I have fibromyalgia and CPTSD, so am totally open to meeting people who are retraining for whatever reason. Mine is primarily health - based. Although getting creative is always ace.