I’m from Germany. Coming to this Platform, to learn about Game Design, and to improve my Skills.

my Focus is Unity Engine.
My Knowledge is Blender in Game Design ( Models, Prefabs, Lightning, Alphas )

Working Plattform this Time:
ETS2 ( Prisma ) Engine.
Massive References.
Own Projects with Towns, prefabs, Companys, lot of Models aka Buildings, Prefabs, Mapmodels, Trailers, Cargos and other.

Paint Shop Pro X9 & 2018 Ulitmate
little Gimp ( not much needet )
Notepad ++
sometimes Zmodeler.

Other Knowledge:
Maxon Cinema 4D
Zmodeler ( little, it s enugh )
Lightwave 3D
Scetchup ( basics )

Happy to meet you here.