A Warm Welcome to the GameDev.tv Community


Hello to all. Been a designer for 25 years. Looking forward to a new journey.


my name is Gary Lee
what I want to learn from this course is to learn how to make my own game. I want to achieve my own game team and company

I live is New York
thank you
Gary Lee


My name is Kartik Garg and I am from India. I am taking The Unreal Engine Development course on Udemy and I am interested in GameDev. I study Computing and applied Math at University at Buffalo.


Welcome to the community Kartik :slight_smile:


I’m here because the program has told me to be social. I can be social! Hey everyone! :smiley:

And now, back to the learning!


Hello, I’m from Sweden. I’ve signed up for both the unity and blender course over at udemy. I’ve had a game idea for many years now that I’ve always wanted to realize, and this is hopefully the first step towards that! It’s truly amazing the kind of knowledge you can gain through your ethernet cable!


Grabbed this Unreal primer for $15, looking to get some foundational understanding of the engine and some practical C++ under my belt before school this September.

That’s all!


Hello guys,
My name is Joe and I am from Derbyshire, England. I have recently bought both the C# and C++ courses on Udemy from the one and only Ben Tristem. I want to learn C++ first, or at least prioritise it and as I am a complete beginner, by the end of the course I want to have a great understanding of C++ so I can ultimately make my own C++ games on Unreal, which is my preferred engine.


Hello, Terrence here from Chicago. I operate my own studio and have been developing games and software for quite a bit of time. I met a number of you at the Unity VR Road show in Toronto and I passed that exam with high marks thanks to the course provided here. Currently refreshing my Unreal and C++ skills with the course provided by the team. I’m also interested in developing an RPG using the course materials, although much of my most recent work has been 2D. I’m excited to meet and work with this community! Here is a look at some of my content.



Hey, I’m Mason.

Just starting the Unreal Engine course.

I have no experience whatsoever and hope to be able to make my own games after this course.


Good evening. My name is Aniket and I’m from Mumbai. I am a registered Orthodontist, but I’ve always been interested in 3d graphic designing. So I’m taking up this course in the hope that I could learn a bit of 3d designing .


I just want to say I am happy to be a part of this community!

-Josh, UK


Are you quite sure about that?

Once you’re in, you can’t leave.

First Rule about GameDev.tv is you don’t talk about GameDev.tv

(welcome, and name that reference!)


Hello all, I’m Robert.

I’m currently enrolled in his Unreal C++, Blender, Unity RPG and Unity Development courses. I’m a Web Developer and Software Engineer for the last 20 years now.

I’ve got small experience in graphic design, 3D Modelling and other things.


Hey all,

I am from Scotland and am a iOS/Web developer full-time. I am working on C++ and now Unreal all through Udemy in my own time with the goal of getting back into game development for other kinds of future work.

Increasingly, I find myself wanting to make games rather than play them (I’ve done this since childhood) but also enjoying working in C++ and getting close to the metal and away from high level languages like Swift and JS.

Thanks and if you want to meet up just message me!


Other than your technical skills and job, I am the same way.

I’ve been playing games for so long, but since I started working in Unreal, I enjoy that so much more.

Blender was ok enough, but I get more frustrated sometimes designing models or trying to think of what to make. But when trying to put together blueprints and functions in Unreal, it gets my brain the activity it desires.

Welcome and Good luck in the future~


Hello guys,
I’m Austin from Accra, Ghana. I recently started taking the Unreal Engine Development course on Udemy along with a couple of Unity and Blender courses. I recently just finished University with a degree in Computer Science.

I am really passionate about making games and hope to one day start a game company that would be successful. Making a living out of games is not really a thing where I am from but I do hope to change that.

I look forward to knowing most of you if not all!

P.S to those of you who have no idea where Ghana is. Ghana is located in West Africa. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and I prefer to be called Kofiro!


Hi, I’m Felipe, I’m from Brazil and I’ve been working with programming for 6 years.
I’ve always had an interest in developing games and last year at a conference, that interest became stronger, so I went to Udemy to find courses to create games, and I ran into Ben’s courses, and I’m enjoying the course a lot.
I am currently studying Unity with C# and am looking to create a project of my own, or looking for someone to work with.


Hi! I’m Tuomo, I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
I’m actually a Junior Programmer in the Video Games Industry ( I work for a small Indie Dev at the time of this post ), but got plucked out while I was in the middle of college going towards my CS diploma.

I stumbled across these courses while I was searching for a means to speed up my understanding of UE4 and C++ while not at the office, really glad I have! Looking to eventually have a full game under my belt, whether it’s on my own or with a team.


Hi guys Rizwan Jabbar here Pakistan. I took the first Blender course from Udemy and absolutely love both teachers. Honestly speaking, this course is the very first “online” course for me and now I feel more confident in learning online.

I have purchased Blender and Unreal Engine Game Development courses at Udemy. I had started to learn 3D Studio Max from YouTube tutorials 6 years back but couldn’t keep my interest in that. So far I only know concept of vertices, edges, faces. Moving around 3d objects etc. very basic level yes.

I’m fully motivated to finish Blender course to an extent where I can create basic and necessary objects for mini games and I will start Unreal Engine course in parallel. Do let me know if this is the right approach. Your feedback will be welcomed :slight_smile: