Hey everyone,

I am currently working with a friend on a game project. I am focusing on assets, animations, modeling, artwork, blueprints, etc. I use Blender, Unreal, and Gimp as my primary programs.

I like to help people whenever I have the free time to do so. Sometimes I do not really know an answer, but I try to look into it and practice it myself. Then I'll provide the best answer I can give if possible.

I appreciate everyone's input and help when it comes to the discussions. If you do thank me for something, you're always welcome. I usually don't like to respond if it is the final post just to say "you're welcome" unless I have something further to add.

Have a good day~

PS: If you have a direct question you wish to ask or something to say, feel free to send me a message.

Please try to provide screenshots with the whole Blender window if asking for help. Multiple screenshots and having the object in question shown in the Outliner and Properties will make it easier, too.