A Warm Welcome to the GameDev.tv Community


Hi my name is Orson, i’m new to unity and Csharp. i hope to learn new information from you guys to increase my skills. i’m a 3D modeler and animator.


Hello all.

My name is Mark I’m 32 from the UK and have spent the last several years working in early years care, I love my job but it’s always been a dream to build games since I was about 7 years old, I’ve always been put off by the cost and difficulty of getting into this industry but have finally decided to kick the bad mental habits of thinking I’ll never be good enough and really push myself forward and give it a try.

I want to learn as much as possible but have been focusing on UE4 at the moment not really looked at unity or others too much as I’m getting on quite well with Unreal and don’t want to end up getting confused. Though I am mostly just using blueprint system and not C++ I have Ben’s C++ course and will be going through it as time allows, I’m also working through the Blender course to learn a little about modelling so I can at least prototype some things as I go.

Well that’s me in a nutshell, I Look forward to chatting with you all.


Hi all My name is John from a little town in South Carolina. I started programming in python, PHP and web development with a bit of Java thrown in about a year and a half now. I have been in full web development mode but wanted to challenge myself in something that seemed to be fun which is GameDev.


…hi everyone,

im alfredo aure from philippines, im new to game development and i have little knowledge in programming but i am willing to learn a lot and i think this is the right place to learn :slight_smile:

i am going to make a RETRO RPG that looks like DIABLO 1 meets SOUL SACRIFICE :D, i think this is a good idea i like the retro style of diablo 1 and skills from soul sacrifice :smiley:


Just joined the forum. I was helping Ben for a while on the Unreal course… This site is really busy :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community Ramin :slight_smile:


Hello all! I am Mattwell from the United States. I have some limited knowledge in writing HTML and Java, but that’s about it. I hope to make a career out of game development and at $10, this course seemed like the best option for me (Since I already had the Epic Games launcher to play Unreal Tournament). I look forward to talking with you all about whatever it is you guys are interested in! :snake:


Hi there

My name is Leigh and I live in Greenwich in London.

My tech website is here - http://tilleytech.com

LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leightilley/

An article I wrote on LinkedIn a while back: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/crossing-from-business-development-entertainment-did-i-leigh-tilley

I graduated from Computer Science in 1998 and promptly ended up in consultancy working for Teletext, then Channel 4 before I ended up in the world of Investment Banking software development; quite different to media!

I was following salaries only and did not stop to look at if I was enjoying it. Sure, the problem solving was sometimes interesting but the environments not so much!

On July 2 2013, driving to the station to park my car to get the tube into London to my contract job running a tactical development team on the trading floor of a large French Investment Bank, focusing on credit derivatives, something happened. A freak blood clot appeared in my neck and this led to me temporarily losing most of my sight, speech and control of my body. A passerby called an ambulance and they took me to hospital. They took 56 hours misdiagnosing nearly killing me. My fitness, health, strength and mental strength kept me alive in what transpired to be 6 full blown strokes caused by the blood clot.

I sold my house, lived at friends, parents and eventually with my new girlfriend. I used yoga, meditation, frequency healing, snowboarding and new sport rollerblading to fully rebuild sharper than ever.

I retrieved all of my experiences and skills from Life 1.0 and started a children’s healthy food/drink and entertainment company with a friend - http://two2three2four.com aimed at 2-4 year olds. I’m CTO of this and I have constructed a digital world for our 2-4 year olds called WUBLWorld - https://wubl.world

For this I ramped up and picked up responsive design, development and made a custom site that looks like a popup book and houses a mini arcade in the games section. Game 1 is there already and I am now learning Unity to give me total power to create any type of game for this and for my own TilleyTech Ltd designs (more adult).

So, as the article for LinkedIn mentions (above), I have been playing games since I was 6, I’m now 42, and I went all through the heavy consultancy and commercial worlds in order to learn business and now having recovered I’m putting my passions at the forefront. I have strong drawing and design skills and have boosted my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge.

I’m now almost 1/3 of the way through the Complete Unity Developer course. I love it and given my games knowledge, design and heavy software knowledge (fortunately I already knew enough C# too! :slight_smile: ) means I can plough through it!

I’d love to meet like-minded entrepeneurs and others who also want to join forces in the future!

Enjoy your day.


P.S. - If you’re interested in the more spiritual side of stuff, also used heavily in my rebuild to being me again check out my lifecoach area - http://leightilleylifecoach.com


Hey, I’m Brian!

I’m from Detroit, Michigan although I’ve lived all over the United States pursuing various careers.

Currently, I’m enrolled in college studying programming though with work and life happening I am only taking one course at the moment: Introduction to Program Design.

Previously I was the area manager for a restaurant chain in Los Angeles, CA (Phoenix, AZ prior to that) and have also worked for Whole Foods. I’ve always been interested in computer programming and studied it a bit on my own but that was a decade ago so I’m rather rusty!

As an avid gamer, I’ve always thought about creating my own games in the back of my mind and was involved in the modding and level design community for games like Quake and Half-Life. Since then I’ve been more of a player than a creator. I signed up for the Udemy Unreal course because my professor in college, unfortunately, doesn’t take his job very seriously. It’s a virtual course so I did expect to have to do a lot of learning on my own but he never responds to emails or the chat forum so I wanted something like this to supplement my education (I also spend a lot of time on StackOverflow). While my class is in Python and the Unreal course is in C++ I still feel it will be able to help me with designing programs and learning the basics of how they work.

I look forward to meeting some people with similar interests here and from what I’ve seen so far I fully intend to take the rest of the courses offered.

Have a great day!


Hello everybody,

I am very happy to join this wonderful community. I am fond of RTS Games, especially Command and Conquer Games.
I am not an engineer but I love coding and I learned many languages from tutorials. I also learned basics of 3D modelling and I want to improve my skills.

Can’t wait to discover all the tutorials :wink:



A warm welcome to you


Thank you very much. The Unreal tutorial is just amazing !!!


Hi everyone!

As Ben suggested, let me introduce myself.

My name is Darko, originally from Croatia, currently living and working in Sweden.
I work at Massive Entertainment - a Ubisoft studio as a gameplay programmer.
I just started learning about Unreal engine so I can play with it in my spare time.
I had some past experiences with Unity too, that I also started following Ben’s courses.

I love sports, nature and games of course :slight_smile:



Hi! I’m very new in the forum. I hope this will be a good forum to help me with my problems in relation to becoming a game developer. Stay safe everyone :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome! wow, Ive seen your profile. are you one of the developers of the clash of clans?


Alas, no, I’m not involved with the development of the Clash of Clans game - GameDev.tv does however have it’s own clan in the game - as it happens, we are recruiting - interested? :slight_smile:


i don’t think I can be of much help as I am still learning the syntax of c++ and using UE4. But in the future after I finish my course with Ben, can I join? I want to put my knowledge into application after my course with UE4.


hehe, I meant our clan in Clash of Clans is recruiting :wink:


Ohhh lol. Yea, just read that part of the link. Anyway, thanks for the welcome man! :grin: