A Bug has fall

Hi, I encountered a Bug, this is my second time learning this video, because of the needs of the project, I only need the most basic controller, which is move + jump. So I went straight to the jump chapter after finishing the move logic.

But when I finished, I realized something like this:

It moves normally and the animation plays normally → Jumping → Fall → Characters can move, but without animation (jump animation is work)

I did a lot of debugging, but it didn’t work out. What I’ve observed so far is:

  1. The animation is in falling when an error occurs.

  2. The freelookSpeed parameter in the animation state machine changes rapidly.

  3. If I Make a Transtion to Blend Tree in the state machine, it’s back to normal (or at least it seems to be).


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For future code pastes, please please paste text, and not graphics.

In this case, take a look at PlayerFreelookState().
In Enter, you need to CrossFade into the FreeLookBlendTree state. It’s common to miss this because the animator starts in the FreeLookBlendTree by default, so things look normal until you leave that state and return.

I’m really sorry for the trouble my graphics have caused you. I will correct this problem in the future. Now the Bug has been fixed, thank you very much for your help.

Sorry to make a big deal of this… I often answer Qs from my phone or tablet, and the code graphics often don’t scale well… and of course, it’s much easier for me to copy sections of your code to make suggested edits (and just in general, it’s much easier to read).

Glad you’re back up and running again (literally).

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