2022 Special "Best wishes" Collab - VOTE CLOSED

For our students who would like to work on a larger project, we have the Christmas and or ‘End of the Year’ collaboration. It’s a bit of a tradition to use the last month of the year for a bigger collab. Now you can spend more time designing your best wishes for the New Year 2023!

Last month special “Best wishes”.

You have four weeks to design something related to Christmas and a happy new year best wishes. A story, a game, a drawing, a video, an illustration, or just the best wishes.
Just place your entry in this topic thread! That’s it!

Deadline: 2022-12-31T22:55:00Z

Remember: Just have fun!
NP5 & FedPete

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I was waiting for this, I thought there wasn’t going to be a long collab/jam this year, so I entered another jam :tired_face: I’ll see if I can work on two games at the same time.

Is the topic a pun? Or is it a typo?


Typo. By the look of it. Easy to miss when English is not your native language.


I corrected it!


Since English is not my native language I often check how to spell correctly certain words, I saw ‘whishes’ and I got a little confused so I googled it, I found out it’s actually a thing, that’s why I asked :sweat_smile:


I wonder if I somehow can re-interpret this subject to do something hard surface and scifi oriented :thinking:

(that’s not an entry, that’s just AI generated concepts)


It has a Christmas tree, it has a planet …
And a spaceship makes it sci-fi

Would be nice to have a tree with planets as tree decorations …


The intergalactic x-mas tree… :star_struck:
That one which is the only true x-mas tree for the ruler of the galaxies :thinking:


Maybe watch the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, I know it’s a silly recommendation, but you might get some ideas from there, but I still don’t get how that fits theme ‘Best Wishes’, sure, it’s Christmas, but that’s not necessarily a best wish, Is it?

I got an idea for a scene: An intergalactic delivery package guy, outside his ship, looking into the sky, seeing all those planets, holding a gift, thinking about his kids, hoping them the best Christmas, wishing he was there with them. Cheesy, I know, but fits both the sci-fi and the collab theme, if you don’t want to create the character model, you can simply cast a shadow, and have the sci-fi looking gift on the floor, near it.

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You are right!
And we are in a multicultural forum environment, where not everyone has the same Christmas interpretation. So it’s a bit of everything at the end of this fabulous Collab year. Be creative, you’ve about 4 weeks to transcend yourself… :wink:


The theme is kind of holding me back a little, I have no idea how to make a game out of that, and I don’t want to make a simple Blender entry, I still suck at Blender :sweat_smile:


In the past, using Flash, I had a game where Santa was flying above some houses (roofs with chimneys). Pressing a key dropped a present, into a chimney if timed correctly by the player. Santa stood still on the screen, while the roof tops with chimneys were moving from left to right.

You can add more game to it, my adding things like the correct package color (or size…) in in the correct chimney. Santa lowers its position after missing a package drop.

An other game I had, was fireworks. Game shooting random flares in the sky. When clicked by user they exploded in nice colors and effects, when missed . No bonus points. etc.

Keep it simple, use ideas from other simple games and add your own ideas to it!

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The issue I have is the theme ‘Best Wishes’, I’m not sure how to use it, perhaps something about stars and making wishes, that could work I suppose.


Some examples of previous years …


Hi everyone, this is my entry. Best wishes from the gingerbread industrial village


So much fun! Great Entry!



It has been over a year since I began to learn Blender and I could see I made some progress :slight_smile:
Happy new year to this lovely community!

And as always I am open to feedbacks and suggestions :sweat_smile:



Hope everyone enjoys the new year.


Loved the theme and I wish y’all a Merry Christmas


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