2021 Collab: Week 48 “Mythical creatures” - CLOSED

This is the Blender collaboration 2021, week 48 challenge. Don’t be afraid to join, a lot of us are beginners. This is all to practice, to have fun, to learn, and get together.

This week’s subject is “Mythical creatures”.

  • Mythical creatures - A legendary creature is a supernatural animal or paranormal entity, generally a hybrid, sometimes part human, whose existence has not or cannot be proven and that is described in folklore, but also may be featured in historical accounts before modernity.
  • Subject selected by the previous week 46 winner: Willrun

The rules are simple. 1 subject, 1 entry, 1 week.
You create whatever object or scene or whatever you can think of that has something to do with the subject. It can be as simple or complicated as you want, all entries are welcome!
Post your picture here in this thread. And at the end of the week, we start to vote. And if you are the winner, you may choose the next subject and win a unique badge.

Deadline: 2021-12-04T22:55:00Z

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Imp Baby, even though they’re cute, they’re still quite dangerous!


my grain spirit aka karpos


Cool scene. And creepy flying baby imp.
Nice work

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Can you tell us about stones in the background? They look fabulous.

Took a long time to sculpt them. Then duplicate the high poly mesh, decimate, UV unwrap and bake the normal from high to low. After that, texture paint using a stone texture as a stencil mix overlay the green/yellow and white lichens to texture those on using a stencil as well. Mix overlay the color variance in some of the crevices and edges (I think this took longer than sculpting). Bake the diffuse color and then passed the baked diffuse through a color ramp to get a good roughness map and baked that texture as well. Setup the diffuse shader using the baked images and done.
I’ve scrapped so many projects just practising the workflow. lol


Youre right. Working out workflow tends to take longer than actual project it self for the first time.
Thanks for sharing. My have took long but it is best looking background I have seen here since I’ve joined. Well worth the effort.

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Thank you. I try, it’s still a learning process too.


Main purpose of being here :muscle:


How without a unicorn…


I wanted to work on something else.
But instead, I dissected and reassembled my Orc.


Thought about reusing my horse from the amusement park to do a unicorn but changed my mind wanted to practice my sculpting more

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Looks like a ray harryhausen creation lol very cool

This was my first attempt to model a horse like body (no sculpting). I did some sculpting in the past but don’t feel ready to get back to it :sweat_smile: Well, I guess when will start to work on the orc eventually :slightly_smiling_face:




Vote for a Mythical creature

We @BlenderCollab have a few days to vote. You can vote fast but also think slowly about design, colors, technique, difficulty, subject, realism, etc. Choose consciously and not on your own entry.
And the next subject, week 49 " Set sail has already started. The winner of this week’s “Mythical creature” challenge may select a subject for week 50.


I fell a sleep while rendering :joy:
But here he is. Late for the battle Angel has landed.


Looks cool, your background image reminded of the intro scene of witcher 3, fire arrows flying.


If I knew, you needed more time, I would have waited.
But I saw a big project on it’s way and thought you were busy with a Christmas special.

More close up I think?


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