Where are you from? What's your experience?

My name is Dee I’m from Madison, Wisconsin.

I make games for the artistic expression and a lot of my ideas require physics. I use Game Maker Studio 2 and while that has a physics engine built into it it still requires some knowledge of mathematics to not make everything so janky.

I know a little math already but applying it to my code has always been a struggle so I’m looking forward to the rest of this course.

Darren Harrison from USA…have some math experience, but have forgotten alot…so refreshing knowledge and hopefully gaining some new knowledge to apply to game development.

Hello everyone. My name is Radu, I’m from Republic of Moldova.
I have some math background from the University, but I have never applied it in game development side, which I would really like to learn. I am currently working in IT industry, but I would really like to learn how to develop games.

Hello, I’m Matt, currently in DC. I only got as far as basic geometry back in junior high about 35 years ago, so now I’m playing catch up.

I am from Michigan. I have a background in Motion Design and I am looking to improve my understanding of computer science and also develop Game Design skills. Ideally I would love to make some games for some personal projects, but from a professional standpoint, I would see myself working on and eventually leading interactive experiences.

Hi everyone! I’m an artist working in animation industry from Quebec, Canada. I am currently learning to make games with the amazing course on unity 2D as a hobby and I wanted to get better at maths to maybe help me learn more and better the art of programming. Can’t wait to get started!

What’s up everybody. I go by no name, no place in particular. Always wanted to learn, or relearn maths as that was one of the things in school that I could not get a grip in and held me back in many places. Now I want to learn for two purposes, for knowledge and being able to apply it in game making and lay the foundation for studying higher maths and phyics which will potentially lend itself to game making and thinking.


Hobbyist game developer, looking for a solid understanding of maths so I might be able to tackle bigger, better game idea’s :slight_smile:

Im name is Jennifer or Jenn. I’m retired and from USA Missouri. Back in college, I LOVED math. I regret not majoring in math, but that’s been many years ago and I find myself here learning to make games. I am taking the 2D course and taking a short break while I take the git course and this math course … Im at 52% with git. Should have it completed tomorrow. I am going to continue the 2D (at 32% or so completion) and the math together. I just started the math. Bought it yesterday along with the git course.

I think the math and the version control are going to be very important.

The last job I had before retirement was an engineering technician. I created working blueprints for a company that created wiring harnesses for military helicopters. I had my nose in a computer all day long reading schematics and blueprints and writing directions on the build for the floor personnel.

It’s been a long time since I have studied mathematics. But in the past, I had algebra, calc 1, 2 and 3 and differential equations and a few others. But it’s been at least 20 years so I am very rusty. I’ll prob have lots of question.

Im not even sure how I ended up here on this site taking these courses, but I’m enjoying the heck out of it.



I’m Erik. I’ve always hated math when in school. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and developed what seems to be math phobia. When young, the best way to deal with anxiety is by avoidance. So instead of learning math, I learned to procrastinate.

I’m looking more and more into programming because I have a few projects I’d like to get under way. I’ve also been meaning to tackle my avoidance issues concerning math and overcome that hurdle.

So here I am.

I’m enjoying reading all the varied backgrounds of everyone in this course. I gather I will be learning a lot.

Wish me luck.

Hi, I am Marc. I need to refresh my math, and want to go further in game programming and such. Now I have the time, so I am going for it.

Hi all, I’m Italian and love math and programming. I search information about math apply to game/videogame for my curiosity.

Hello all!

My name is Gael. I am from Spain but I’m currently living in near Cambridge in UK.
I’m studying to become a game designer at the moment, so I want to properly learn maths, as I am also learning programming.

As a result of bad experiences in my childhood (school and whatnot), my head goes fuzzy whenever any math related topic comes up. For the longest time I wanted to overcome this fear of maths and I feel like Ben and Gary are the right teachers for me to accomplish so. I’m actually exited to be here! :partying_face:

Nice meeting you all! :blush:

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