What are your favourite games right now, and what makes them your favourite?

I’m really digging Overwatch. Great art, nicely balanced and surprisingly deep gameplay. Good variety of playstyles.

Eve is always there in the background as well, 12 years and I haven’t won it yet.

I’ve just finished Uncharted 4 on PS4… hard to beat!


700+ games in my pile of shame - instead of finishing them I even started to create my own games now! doh


@Michael_Bridges and I are geeky enough to keep a Trello board!!

Although thinking about it, we may transfer this here.


edit nope! That is serious business Ben.

omg @ben - that’s scary… or just beautiful ^^;


I am not really playing any games, by myself, but when my lad is over we often take to the XBox which we enjoy immensely together. I am quite happy playing any of the Call of Duty franchise (although the one where you have the exo-skeleton and bounce all around the map is a bit tosh)… my preferences is playing on the same team against an unequal quantity of hard core bots and seeing how well we do as teamies… his preference is to play with no bots and go one on one and constantly kill me with whatever extreme and uber configuration he spent the last 15 minutes fiddling with, whilst all the while hearing me say ffs, it really doesn’t make any difference, I will be the only person who can see what you are wearing in the game and I hoenstly don’t care

I am also enjoying Bomberman, a classic, alas it’s so old there are never any/enough players online to play against to get all of the achievements… something else my son has millions of more than I…

I miss a good game of Mario Kart on the Wii, that was always harmless fun… I wish more games were cross platform instead of being locked down…

I miss a lot of the old classics from my Atari days… Gyruss was a fab little space shooter with awesome music,

Gyruss :slight_smile:

and MidiMaze… oh MidiMaze, the fun I used to have as a kid playing that in a computer shop in Bristol on an evening with a group of adults… all wired up with our Midi cables and huge CRT tvs… hehe… good times…

GTA V was a bit of fun for a while but I found that it was too easy to just go on a rampage… which lead to being utterly wiped out and killed… which lead to launching another rampage but worse off… repeat… until you realise that that was far too much money for a game…

I used to play Eve for a while on the PC… back when it first was around… spent a lot of hours mining… and being destroyed… I just wanted to be self sufficient and mine stuff… but people would just whizz in, blast you, and fly off… then it all went “you gotta join an alliance”… yah yah, whatever… uninstalled… that was sooo many years ago…

Action Quake 2 was a favourite back in the day and one of the main contributing factors to no longer living with my ex-wife-to-be I suspect… good game though, made lots of friends, ran a website, created bot map routes… aww… good times… escapism…

Age of Empires was always a great game, but again with friends against AI, I prefer playing that way… sadly these days the closest I get to that is Age of Empires: Castle Siege, not really the same… spend a lot of time collecting resources… and waiting… these in-app purchase games do seem to act like a sponge and suck the fun out game play… eventually at least…

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Minecraft is still my fallback game. Lately I have been playing it when the kids are around and Fallout 4 when they aren’t.

Last week I got a Vive so I have been taking a big break from gaming to spend more time building, but I have also been falling into the Google TiltBrush trap a lot. It’s a lot of fun. Not really a game, but sooooo fun.

I guess the thing that I love mostly is my ability to impact my world and create in it. Many of the games that I truly love have some sort of creative element to them.

Trello is awesome! Best lightweight scrum board ever. Slack is also a great team communication tool, highly recommended. :blush:

I love it. @Ellen_B you’re gobbling-up this forum, thanks for all your attention!

For now it is Far Cry Primal I’m playing for 10 hours now and only completed 8% of the game, it is very challenging

Hearthstone is the game I play during breaks. I hear it’s made in Unity too!!

Overwatch is my new game of choice. Great to pick up and play for short or long bursts.

I played EVE Online for years but it ate my life and bad things were coming, I forced myself to quit due to lack of self control!

I play browser based game Torn too.

I must get to playing Overwatch, @Michael_Bridges you game?

What are you guys playing on I wonder, see What platform are you playing Overwatch on?

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Salt and Sanctuary, It combined the feeling of Darksoul with Castlevania playing.
Both games are my favourite series. In addition, this game is made by indie developers.
This game inspires me.:triumph:

Over watch reminds me lots of quake. Looks great fun. :sunglasses:

Currently playing Tales of Saviors and Closers. Both are MMORPG but with different play style.

But generally, I play ToS because of the graphics (2d painted-style) and play Closers because the fast paced game play.

I never thought I’d get into another FPS after the Unreal Tournament Series but Overwatch has me hooked!

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At the moment Battlefield 4, playing the objective or trying to achieve assignments, not sure if my ageing system will handle Battlefield 1.

Would like to try Fallout 4, been a fan since the first top down game, but will need a new graphics card for that. Also keeping my eye on the progress of Civ VI

I play Super Smash Bros Melee as a constant, travel to tourneys and all that, but right now I’m playing (in parallel) Darksiders, Broken Age and Banjo-kazooie.

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