What platform are you playing Overwatch on?

If you’re playing Overwatch, which platform do you mainly play it on?

  • XBox One
  • Windows
  • PS4

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Windows and you can see me playing badly on my YouTube channel should you wish to put yourself through that horror!

I have a friend who owns it on XBone and have nearly convinced him to build a budget PC so he can join me :smiley:

Windows here. I can’t play shooters on console, I don’t have the controller skills for it. I need a mouse.

Windows. In my country this game it’s a lot cheaper in that platform(comparing to PS4/Xbox ONE). About 40-50% cheaper :smiley: … Reinhardt FTW!

I have it on pc, i figured i would need a mouse for precision aiming and I love my graphics high! It’s brilliant fun but the Competitive mode in it’s current state is broken i think so i’m waiting for them to sort that out. I played the public test realm a few times in comp and the changes are much better. McCree has been rebalanced again and D-va has a rechargable shield much like Reindhart that can be turned on for much longer. Of course the new playable character Ana is in there too. A healing sniper? brilliant ideas from Blizzard.