What are you delivering in your game?

You will be delivering Pizzas to the local community, it’s SuperBowl game day so the customers are eagerly awaiting their food.

Delivering amazing tacos to all the homeless people around town!

My game will be delivering plushies of various video game characters to customers.

My player will be delivering pizza to people who are thin and need to me “Fattened Up!”

my game is to deliver scriptures from the Bible to the partner who is Christian so that the partner would know that his lovely girlfriend is making an effort to understand his spiritual world.

Here’s mine: You’re delivering delicious pizzas to lazy students who can’t cook.

Although the Dragon Boat Festival was over, I still want my players to deliver rice dumplings.

You are the final surviving member of the super-deliveryman community you must DELIVER the package(that spawn out of nowhere) to the customer, As the member of Super-deliveryman you must not see what’s inside the package, It’s Delivering time.

Delivering pancakes

My player is delivering booze to all the people who were locked down during covid so they can drink the day away…

You work as a transporter and your job is to help people shift their luggage from one flat/house to another in a busy city.

I’ll be delivering pizzas to coders who want a slice of delicious greasy pizza(s)

You’ll be delivering courier packages to the customers

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