What are you delivering in your game?

Here is mine:

You are delivering food. :slight_smile:

kofola and pizza

I’m thinking of making you deliver some classic newspapers.

My driver will be delivering blood bags to the vampires :smiling_imp:

Here is my map, I have changed from pizza’s to package because more easier and now instead of him being a pizza boy he is delivering amazon packages

Well, In my case The driver will delivering parts of computer.

My player is delivering canned food’s…

In my game, you’ll be delivering necessary supplies to community outreach tents on campus.


In my game players will be delivering flowers

I’ll be delivering tasty New York style ghostbuster pizza and some ice cream, because we developers don’t need healthy food

My driver will be delivering chicken wings, fries and ribs. A good lunch for my developer friends!

i will be delivering a kfc to go bucket, to all the Janices in this neighbourhood… Only Janices live in this neighbourhood

I am delivering medical supplies to medical facilities but making personal stops that may delay my time to provide the supplies.


You, my friend, are a purveyor of forbidden delights, a phantom of fudgy goodness, a… whispers Doce Dealer .

Your clients? Game dev gurus shackled to the demands of spouses with sensible snack expectations. Your mission? To deliver salvation, one gooey “Dona Moça Quitutes” brownie at a time.

But tread carefully, agent. The wives are on high alert for any deviation from their meticulously planned menus. One bite of these heavenly, doce de leite-filled delights, and your cover could be blown!

Are you ready to risk it all for the sake of a sugar rush and the grateful nods of brownie-fueled game devs? The fate of their secret indulgence rests in your hands!

I would deliver rescue puppies, sometimes just a dog poop bag. :dog:

The driver delivers delicious strawberry juice. The person who receives the delivery is a strawberry lover, so he feels weird if he doesn’t drink it for a day

In my game the driver is delivering warm coffee and croissants early in the morning for people to enjoy

My game will be delivering Indian Food

In my game driver would deliver kvass to people who are suffering from the hot weather

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