What are you delivering in your game?

Local drug dealer.


In my game, the Glovo courier delivers snacks to the offices.

My driver will be delivering medicine to grandmothers that have to stay at home and take care of their grandchildren while the parents are at work.

My driver will deliver videogames to gamers with a big backlog, since they always want more

Sticking with the player experience, my driver is going to be delivering chill vibes :sunglasses:

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Here’s mine:

Delivering boxes full of smaller boxes full of even smaller boxes and the loop of boxes goes on forever. Nothing else in the boxes. The people in this neighborhood are interesting thinkers.

You dont ask whats being delivered…ever. And nor do you ask whom is it being delivered for, you just deliver

I’m delivering 3DS’s.

I’m delivering beautiful flowers to my girlfriends whom all think that I’m husband material.

Pizza what else, you got to get that pizza.

In my game, the delivery item is a dream. If the delivery is successful, people get a good sleep with sweet dream. But if not, people can’t get any dream.

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