Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer

Hello there! My name is Ray and I am looking to bring not only game ideas to light, but also movies!

Unreal has been a favorite series of mine; filled with amazing and unique locations, backstories, and potential. I would like to do my part for the Unreal series to come back, more than ever before.

But also, to have awesome fun and build upon my imagination skills. Hope to assist and build with you all someday soon ^^

Hi there, My name is Alex

Current game student trying to expand my knowledge in C++, I have used C# and the Unreal Engine numerous times before, hoping to expand my skill set to obtain a job in the industry as a technical designer.

Currently in Vancouver, BC!

Hello all,
I’m Rebecka, I’m in my final year at university doing a Game Art degree, I’ve used UE4 throughout my course but we’ve only ever worked with blueprints, so I want to learn some basic C++ as well.
I’m from South East England, it’ll be nice to meet other developers through this course! :slight_smile:

I’m James, and I’m studying game design at university and currently in my final year. However, since my timetable this semester is very small; having only one subject this semester and two more next semester - one of them being a video game project, I wanted to learn about development in Unreal Engine since I might want to experience how to make games using Unreal.

Thanks for having me, and I look forward to learning new stuff throughout the course!

Anytime man! I’m in Florida too!

Hi there!

I’m Cathy and I just recently purchased this course on Udemy. I’m from the US. I’m a recent grad with a relatively applied degree in web application development and am pretty comfortable with PHP, Java, and Python (among basic website design languages). For the past few months, I’ve had some downtime at my job and I’ve been wanting to gain some expertise in Game Development. I’m not quite an ideas person, but I hope to be able to eventually gain enough expertise to help bring someone else’s idea to life (as I’m at the stage where I can do that in web development).

I’m Cena, I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering and im a self taught developer for 6 yaer’s.
I live in Iran and UE4, Udemy and Blender are banned in my country but it wont stop me learning it because i got ideas that cant rest (Game industry is also dead in Iran).
My main programming languages are Nodejs and Javascript.
I also develop in C#, Java in case of need.
My profession is io game making, i can handle hundred’s of players on the server side.
Some of games i made can be found in:
http://pury.space My last competitive game
My Youtube channel: (Devlogerio)

The games i made are purely coded with the use of NO LIBRARY and all done by math and code.

I’m here to learn making bigger games and ease my work on the client side.
My goal is to achieve making Massively multiplayer cross platform game’s, meaning that the players on pc can play with mobile players or console’s. I will announce my new game soon and i hope to make my next game Idea over UE4.


I support you all the way! Never give up!

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Hi I’m Alex,
I started programming a bit over a year ago after I complained to a programmer friend of mine that I was bored one Sunday afternoon. I had such a blast for a few weeks that in my mid-thirties I decided to switch careers (not that I had much of one before).
Anyway, I’m currently doing a 6 month internship as part of my training and I was asked to familiarize myself with C++. And as an avid gamer, what better way to do this?

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Haha you picked the best course!

So far I’m having a blast, major flashbacks to C, which I expected. I was fine with it until I was introduced to pointers and linked lists.

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Thats nice to hear! I’m still having a hard time with pointers!

If I ever manage to get good enough at game development I’ll make Pointer the final boss of my first game. It shall be an epic battle… I might ask my C teacher to provide the voice.

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I would love to face the Pointer! haha

I just started the unreal c++ course as of today. I’m a character artist and have recently been ask to take on some programing responsibilities for the company I’m with.

Looking forward to learning all I can about unreal in the coming days!

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Hi everyone, my name is Neda and I’m from Canada. I learned briefly C, not C++, back in the 2010 and then I started working as a teacher. So it is long time have not coded. I have no experience in game developing but it is an interesting field to me. So I am taking this course to learn about it and may help me to back to what I originally wanted to do.


Hello fellow developers. I am Abraham and I am new to the game development community.

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Hello everyone!! My name is Dan. I’m from Des Moines, IA. Just wanted to say HI and look forward to chatting with everyone…

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Hello, my name is Michele and i’m from italy. This is the 4th couse i’m taking from gamedev.tv, i want to learn and understand the various engines to see which one is the best for me.
See you around the forum! (or discord)

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Hi Everyone, My name is Brock. Currently working QA at Fujifilm Medical. Haven’t coded much since college so i’m taking this course as quick refresher and an introduction to the UE4 C++.