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I am on Section 1 Lesson 7: A Quick Tour of the Unreal Editor.

I have downloaded and installed Visual Studio. I successfully completed the ‘Hello World’ coding to test out the Visual Studio install and environment.

The next step asks to create a new project, in C++, basic code, no starter content, file name section_01. When I click create project… it tries to compile the C++ code, but then give me an error ‘The Project Cannot Be Compiled. Would You Like To Open In Visual Studio’… (I have a screenshot of this error)…

if I click the Open With Visual Studio button, it parses the solution for awhile… and eventually brings me to a ready screen for visual studio…

but then my unreal editor is not showing a new project environment, it is still on the create a new project screen. I am not sure what is happening. Stuck. Please help. Thanks…


Hi Im Mr.Woody!
I’ve loved games my whole life and am finally interested in what goes on behind the curtains in the game industry. I hope to learn enough to land me a role in game development.


@Modern_Fix I had a rough time starting the project myself but it worked after I verified the install on the epic launcher.


Same here!

I studied Computer Science in college with a focus on C++ and Java but it’s been a while since I’ve used it so I’m going through this course to refresh my knowledge and to advance my skills. Oh, and applying to video games will be AWESOME.


Thanks for replies guys,
Mr. Woody, when you say you ‘verified the install on the epic launcher’… could you please walk me through what you mean by that?

Thanks again


Hey everyone

I’m a Filmcraft and Animation HND and Computer Animation BSc (Hons) graduate. Always been into video games and I have recently been working through the Complete Unity Game Developer with C# course (currently working on the Bowling Game section). Fancied a bit of a change of pace, and also needed to get some experience in Unreal Engine to show off the game assets I create and also to make architectural visualizations.
I try to be active on the GameDev.tv forums for the Unity course, and look forward to meeting other students here on the UE4 side too.



Ok. I figured this out… or at least fixed the issue. I had Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine already installed as I was tinkering around with it on my own, before I decided I could probably benefit from some proper course instruction. For whatever reason, I think that conflicted with Visual Studio in someway, or I didn’t set them up together correctly… whatever the reason, the fix was to just remove the Epic Games Launcher, and then there is a process in which you can install the Unreal Engine within Visual Studio. That seemed to fixed whatever problem there was and I am able to continue forward.


Hello People,
I am having a hard time choosing the right IDE to use for the Unreal Engine.
Using Linux that’s why. I know that I can use some like: Cmake, CodeLite, QtCreator, but not sure which one is easier to use at least for this course.

If you could give me your advice about this would be great.
Thanks, Steven


Hi there, try this search on our forum for plenty of help.


Cheers everyone, My name is Kris, Screen name will usually be Krelda or Cheese (or some variation of cheese, as it’s a common word people will probably have used it).
I’ve played games for most of my life, want to make games for a living, and for fun (who says those are mutually exclusive?), and have a few good ideas clanking around in the ol’ noggin.
So far I like the course, all the tools available for us to succeed.
I’m relatively busy, but if I have questions, or concerns, or I find a question or concern that I can help with, I’ll post on the forums!


Hi everyone, my name is Joanna and I’m from Dublin in Ireland. I first started learning C++ back in the 90’s and I went on to study computer science in college. I am currently an Apple Technician, and have not coded in over a year. Games development is something I have always been interested in but never followed up, so I am taking this course to pursue what I originally set out to do. Although I’m an Apple fan, I’ll be working on my windows pc, as I see enough macs all day.


Hi everyone. My name is Julio and I am originally from Guatemala but live in the UK. I studied computer science in the late 90s/early 2000s. However, I haven’t programmed much since around 2006. I have been refreshing my programming skills and game programming has always been something I am super interested in, so I decided to take the course


Hi! I’m Brandt from Texas. I’m a CE student at UTA right now, using this to develop/practice my coding skills.


Hi, my name is Kevin and I am from the Netherlands. I am interested in developing video games with Unreal Engine 4 since 2015 and have a little experience with blueprints. I also want to program games with a programming language. So thats why I use this course.


Hi my name is Tim, I am from Australia and currently doing a bachelor’s of IT

Majoring in Software Development and minoring in Games Development.

I am looking forward to learning how to create 3D video games and felt this course would be right for me.

I have coded in a few languages before such as: Java, HTML, Python and C++

But I definitely love C++ more than any language I have used before so I felt that this course would be great for me to further extend my knowledge.

I would love to help as much as I can for anyone who may get stuck.
I don’t claim to be an expert but I definitely know quite a few things :slight_smile:

My main goal by taking this course is gain a better understanding of 3D Video Game Development in order to assist me on my way to revolutionizing Australia’s Game Developing Culture by developing a 3D Video Game Company within Australia.


hey guys,
I’m phil, I’m new to this whole programming and game designing scene, but i cant wait to get learning, I’m from the UK, I’m 26, from Manchester and currently living in London and I’ve always had an interest in games, one of my favorites is an old time classic, final fantasy 7, been wanting to learn the mechanics behind them for a while.

hope to have a laugh and learn with you all during this course.
I’m completely fresh to all this so hope i can get some help if i get stuck guys.

thanks all
peace out


Im leonardo. I jsut started the course up. My home state is Florida and I’ve really wanted to start coding for video game development. A group of my friends are all looking to make fun games with our ideas in our heads and we just dont have the programming skills to make it happen yet. Hope that people taking this course with me right now can help out in the future


Hello my name is Ivan Widyan and I’m really interested in making a game using C++. I’m taking this course to upgrade my knowledge about C++ because I’m planning to take a internship in this January 2017.



My name is Chris, I detailed myself in the introduction area–along with a million others–but I’m here to learn about using the Unreal Engine. I’m an accomplished C++ programmer; and while I could have skipped the chapters, there are very useful nuggets I would have missed about using the Unreal Editor, navigation, etc. So I’m just going to run through them all. Besides, who calls ‘refactoring’ renaming? :wink: I refactor code when I wrote it ****py the first time and need to make it better.

The quiz got me on the last question as I thought it was asking me in a funny way if I wanted to stop for the night (It’s almost 1 AM right now!). So I said ‘sit on my laurels’ and got the question wrong! Go figure. :slight_smile: Plus, did it ever say anywhere what the minimum UE4 version required was?? I guessed and got it right, but that’s certainly not something I think I need to remember!!

Anyway, I like the presentation, Ben, and if I can be of help to anyone with C++ let me know.

-Chris Long