Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I’m not so new to coding, I’m just absorbing information from as many places as I can. I own a startup dev company and I’m excited to see what GameDev has to offer. Quick courses are great especially if I meet someone who’s not sure if they’ll like code or not. My company wants to pay for there schooling but introduction courses are awesome to see where they land. So i’m going to take several courses here to expand my knowledge and see if these courses are something I’d like to introduce to my employees. Glad to be here, can’t wait to see everything that is being offered.

Glad to see some local boys in here :wink:

Hi to all,

Greetings from Mexico, I am Rigo and I am a computer engineer with passion for videogames, I hope we can help us with this new adventure.

Good Luck to all!!

Hello My name is Eric live in the US Florida, fairly new to coding looking forward to learning C++ and UE4

Hello there! You can call me Jason. I study CE right know and using this course to develop/practice my coding skills. Also i love games since i was a kid and i want to make understand how games are made and maybe if my knowledge gets better to make my own games!

I have been playing video games since the 80’s and always wanted to know what goes on “under the hood” so to speak. It would be interesting to learn industry standard techniques and be able to apply them in a real world environment.

currently reside in S.W. Florida

Hello Cena,

I admire the fact that in spite of the ban of those programs in your country, you still have a desire to learn the information on your own and utilize it to better yourself and perpetuate your career. Great work! Maybe your idea of a massive multiplayer cross platform will help revitalize the industry within your country!


I am new to coding but I have experience with game development, mostly with CryEngine 3 and the FlowGraph system. I also have some experience with the bluepint system in UE4 but I want to learn how to code. I have released a few games already using visual coding for free but looking to put that C++ on my resume.
I am ready to dig in!


Hi everyone,
My names Simon and I’m currently studying software engineering in Ottawa ON. I picked up the course because I enjoy making/playing games and wanted to learn C++. I haven’t had much experience with game engines so I’m looking forward to the UE4 sections of the course.

Hey guys, I’m new here. Been always into playing games, now I want to create one and share it with my friends! Hope to achive my goal :slight_smile: