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Hi guys… a newbie here… :slight_smile:



I’m a guy from Finland and I ended up here because I have been haunted by a couple of game ideas for a decade or so. And I have been unable to do anything about them because I have not known how to code. So because they won’t leave me alone I have decided to take action and learn some code in a desperate attempt to share the ideas in a form of a prototype. I have used game design programs which require no coding, like Unreal, on my own a bit and I know basics of coding but to realize the games I need to learn more.

I’ve studied Business and Entrepreneurship in University but my true passion seems to lie with stories and games even if I am enthusiastic about new technology and innovation. It’s amazing to see how we overcome obstacles. How we create new to build something better more enduring, more beautiful, more practical, more efficient, etc…

Anyway, I find myself off topic. I’m here to pursue some of my dreams. I hope you guys are too.

See you around!


Hello everyone. My name is Jason, and I’m from South Africa. I actually got the course a while back and never got a chance to get into it, but glad I am doing it now. I’m currently on section 2 :slight_smile:


Hi all! My name is Vasiliy, I’m from Moscow, Russia. I have a Computer Science bachelor’s degree and currently work as programmer in a field that is very far from gamedev. I coded in C++ a lot in a university, but now I use mostly C# and JavaScript. I look forward to develop C++ coding skills, dive into Unreal Engine and finally move closer to a job in serios gamedev (hey, we’re all in it for that aren’t we?).


Hi everyone,
My name is Kenneth and I’m from CA. I’ve played a lot of video games but I’m completely new to programming, so I started this course to get some early exposure. My likely path is going to university this fall with CS as my intended major so I’m taking this course to help me understand what I’m getting myself into. I hope joining this community and speaking to some of you will help me stay engaged and committed to learning.


Hello everyone! My name is Oscar, I’m from Missouri, long time programmer though C++ is not my preferred language. I’m familiar with UE4 as but I took this course to beef up my knowledge of the nuts and bolts especially with C++. Can’t play with blueprints exclusively forever.


Hi, I am a CPA by day (boring, I agree) and a coding student by night. I am have taken maybe half a dozen courses on udemy but purchased around 100. I have studied security, python, music production, web development/wordpress and now gaming. I keep wanting to get broader but especially go deeper. I think at the beginning, before a person specializes, they should jump around. I haven’t actually been much of a gamer, though I love gaming anime, like sword art online. Who knows, maybe this will get me into gaming- but I love the idea of learning gaming, also learning new core languages (C++) and also this can be part of my portfolio which can land me a job in development. Maybe I’m naive about career prospects, but I’m not thinking about that too much at the moment. I’m just having fun. Wish I didn’t have to devote 8 hours a day to my desk job glued to a chair being uncreative, but that time will come. I will gladly put in hours learning this stuff. I also practice guitar when I have time, and ballroom dance.


Hello there!

My names is Sara and I’m from Hungary. I started learning programming when I was very young because I loved video games and I wanted to make my own games one day. During high school I was developing an older open source MMORPG with a group of friends as a hobby and we made some wonderful things (sadly I wasn’t able to get to know the back-end very much).
Currently I’m studying Computer Science BSc and working in the telecommunication industry as a web developer for 3 years. Working in this field made me realize that this is still not what I wanted from my career, my heart is still too close for gaming and I want to make my dream finally come true. Right now I’d like to finish this Unreal Engine course and I also started learning 3D modelling in Maya.
Once I get my degree I’m panning to move to Scandinavia where game development has a way bigger industry than my country, and hope to get employed as either a game programmer or a 3D graphic designer, and make my way to the big games one day!


Hi Sara! I have also been learning Maya as well. What countries in Scandinavia would you say have the most game dev opportunities?


Hi webbuildermn, I am also a public accountant by day (it is boring!) and a coding student by night. What part of the country are you from?



As far as I know, it’s Sweden. Most of the bigger game developer companies have offices in Stockholm. However I don’t know much about Finland (it’s way too cold for me to even consider moving there :D). Currently I’m planning to move to Copenhagen in Denmark because I fell in love with that country, and Malmö in Sweden is only approx. 45 minutes away from there with public transport, and there is a Ubisoft Massive office. I love Ubisoft games, it would be a pleasure to work with them one day! There are many game developer indie companies in Copenhagen as well that could be a good starting experience, and they also have IO Interactive which makes the Hitman games. But I would say Stockholm is the best bet to get hired in larger game development in Scandinavia.


Very interesting!


That is for sure!


Mmm. Howdy!

— I played video games since my child years.
— I am trying to quit because it is fun but not productive
— Hopefully I will be able to produce something in life, and prove useful.

Nice to meet y’all! :slight_smile:


Well hello I guess!
My name’s Charlie, I’ve done so many trial and errors with so many different majors and such. It took me until about a year ago to finally realize what I truly want to do, and am actively working toward it. I’m taking this course on my spare time when not in class or playing video games. So far it’s pretty good!


hey guys!

my name is logan i’m from Quebec and basicly i saw the youtube ad and told myself stuff it i ain’t doing stuff anyway so here i am if there’s any french people hit me up otherwise i have no problem in english :slight_smile:


My name is Adam I have been a video game fan my whole life. I am very interested in the stealth Genre. Tenchu is one of my favorite game series. I live in San Diego. HMU!



 I am a college student looking to learn basic game design so I can hopefully move on and learn to develop for VR. I currently own an Oculus Rift and love the immersion it creates so much that I want to develop for it.
In terms of experience I have never done game development but have coded for robotics programs using C++ so that's why I choose Unreal.


Hello World!
My name is Dara.
I’m from New Zealand.
I’m the guy who’s always starting these tutorials, but never finishing them.
Hopefully it’ll be different this time.
I have a stack of gaming ideas that I really want to bring to life.


Hi I am Chris
just wanted to test this.
Have a nice day!