Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



Greetings all!

I am Ignacio Baldini, you may call me Nacho, like the mexican food -somehow that’s the short version for my name!-

I hail from Mendoza Argentina. and I am a founder and gamedev from Bacus Studios. I have zero background in programming and I figred out that having a go at Unreal would be an amazing experience, specially since Unreal it’s the best Engine at the moment.

I bid everyone a good day, and enjoy!


Welcome, and thanks for saying hi


I’m Gabrielle, a student from Canada. I decided to take this course on Udemy for my future career in development. More specifically in VR applications development :slight_smile:
I’m beginning as a novice in programing and game engines, so I hope to learn a lot!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Alex and I want to learn UE4 so I can better navigate the world of Motion Capture. I ultimately want to make video games, and have a bit of experience using Unity as well.

Hope to learn a lot,


Hi guys, looking into this c++ tutorial to look into working with Blueprints for Unreal. I am an audio designer with a little experience in the games industry. Also i have bit of experience with c# and unity but now i want to establish a firm foundation in this language and tool as well.


Hi, my name is Andrew. I live in Poland - middle-east part of europe. I have some basic C++ knowledge and i look to break into the games with this course. I like rpg, fighting and slasher games.


Hello world, my name is Matt. I live in Ohio, USA. I took a course on C++ and am learning to apply it in cool ways!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Paul. I’m from the UK. I’ve had an idea for a game for many years. Taking this course to help me make a start!


Hello everyone!

My name is Olya, i am from Ukraine. Now I am a front end web developer, but I have a dream to become a game developer, so I try to learn C/C++. I hope this course will help me to make start in game developing. :slight_smile:


Hello there. I am Francis, I live in the Philippines. I’m currently a college student taking up Computer Engineering and I am interested in a career in game development so I hope that this course can help me greatly to start a career in game development.


Hi guys Im Thomas From Denmark.
I have been using Unity for quiet some time now, but have never made my own game, but only prototypes and testing different things…I think this course in Unreal will give me back my passion for making games and also a firm foundation for making games in Unreal .I have interests in Realistic Facial rigging in Maya …and trying to transfer it to Blender or Unreal-studio.


Good morrow all!
I’m currently in college, learning to become a game developer and I’m hoping this course will help. I’m about as new to coding and game dev. as you possibly could be and completely in over my head, but I do enjoy challenges. I’m from Ma, US and looking forward to learning and maybe even sharing with all of you!


Hi mi name is Alberto Martinez. I am from Panamá i speak spanish and a little bit of english (can understand a conversation but is a little difficult to me to speak but i think i am improving myself day to day. so hi again and lets enjoy this course :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Colton-David Layng. I am from Ontario, Canada. My alias is ComGree9. I am an aspiring gaming developer using the likes of Blender and Unreal to reach my goal of creating my dream game. https://www.facebook.com/ComGame9-Triple-a-Game-Developing-Company-377833186094568/?view_public_for=377833186094568 is my facebook page. Feel free to message or ask for my link to my google drive file full of tutorials and pdf files to help you get started. I also have a small messenger chat group with a few friends you can join to talk more about your dreams. I will love to meet potential new friends or business associates.


Hi, My name is Alex and I’m from Russia (not Moscow or Saint Petersburg)
Friend of mine recommended me to take this course in a right time)
I work in IT a bit more than 10 years and completely unrelated to game dev spheres, Hi-load backends (erlang is the best)), DevOps, and now in embedded software/hardware development. I believe that soldering iron is the best debug tool
Basically I tried to avoid everything with GUI, except that one time when I was developing for android.
I made prototypes for some games and tried several 2D engines: XNA (saying this I feel really old) andengine, godot and defold recently, but never published any of them.
Especially I liked Godot, when for
With unreal my experience ended after prototyping of 2D side-scroller.
I hope that after finishing this course I’ll be able to port and publish some of my prototypes and in a long run integrate UE with some of my embedded projects.


Привет. :slightly_smiling_face:

И я тоже.


My name is Nicolás and I’m from Colombia. I have worked as a web developer a few years until now. My dream is start to work on something related with my biggest passion (the videogames). I hope this course wil be the first step to start this aventure and chase my dreams.
Thanks and is a pleasure to meet you all!!!


Hello everybody,

My name is Gavin Faught and graduated from UC Davis (in Northern California) with an Economics degree. I worked in accounting for several years and decided to go back to LA to reconnect with my dad. There I helped out at a company that was a third party recordkeeper for 401k plans. For the past 5 or 6 years I’ve been taking courses at the local junior college. I found out that I really enjoy computers… makes sense, I’m a big fan computer games especially RPGs. So I’m pursuing my ambition of gaming and hoping to do well in the field. This semester, I’m taking C++ and Linux. I figure the Unreal Engine C++ unreal course would make a fine supplemental resource. That’s it. Best of luck to everyone!


Hi I am here!


Hi guys and gals, I’m from Colorado, I’m a relatively experience 3d modeller and environment artist, but this is my first exposure to C++. As a teenager I would edit code for mods in games using Notepad, but that was limited and a long time ago. I’m aiming to launch my own game studio and remain self-employed. Spectacular 3d graphics are important to me, but I understand the importance of stellar game mechanics as well. I’m looking forward to utilizing these skills in order to launch my first commercial title. I am a huge fan of RPG titles like the Elder Scroll Series, Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, etc… I first discovered my love for the genre playing pen & paper role playing games like D&D. While an RPG title is a long term goal of mine, in the more immediate future, I would like to release a simple multiplayer competitive play arena with some RPG elements.