Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



I’m Janne. Got a background in general IT Engineering, which includes some C / C# / C++, but been working with HTML / JS game dev the past 4 years.
Trying to pick up UE to broaden my horizon. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
My name is Bryce, I’m studying Music and Computer Science right now, hoping to get some C++ experience. I have some experience with Unity already, and am super interested in audio, and sound design.


Hi all!
I’m Maria from Greece :slight_smile: My Bachelor’s degree is in International and European Studies but I’m interested in becoming a game programmer and starting a Master’s in Computer Science.
Have fun learning :smile:


Hi! I’m Pavel and I’m a CS/Math major/Plus incomplete Software Engineering MS. I’ve been writing code since high school, in all different languages. Always wanted to make games on the side.
So, as per this course. So far, I’ve got it to compile a project. There were some hurdles. I already had both the VS 2017 and VS 2015 on the machine. Installed the latest Unreal engine, but since my video card ancient, so I downgraded to 4.18. Then, the C++ Unreal projects wouldn’t compile-- couldn’t build the .DLL file. It said I needed VS 2015 update package 3. Took several tries to get that installed, and reboots (suggestion: reboot even if it doesn’t prompt you or else you may start creating a mess, especially if the engine is running ). More troubles, it wouldn’t create the VS 2017 projects, the best I managed was to get the VS 2017 to open it as a 2015 project. But then, I discovered there’s an option in Unreal’s Editor (this is version 4.18.3) From the Editor: Edit -> Editor Preferences-> Source Code … Choose your Visual Studio and click set as default, make sure to set 2017 as default. This is, once again, for 4.18.


Hi there, I’m Zach. I’m completely new to coding. I’ve been a paramedic for the past 8 years and I’m exploring different career paths. I’ve always had an interest in game design especially along the lines of narrative and world design. Hopefully, this will lead to a career where I can create something, rather than just try to put it back together.



I am Roger from Maryland in the US. I am a Systems Engineering Lead, so I have limited opportunities for coding at work. I have been coding on and off for more years than I will admit, including courses in C, C++, Java, Ruby/Web Development. I have been playing video games for decades, so I am taking this course to refresh my coding skills and have fun learning more about developing games.



I am Tarun from India. I am a student and I am learning this course to sharpen my C++ skills and also because I want to become a professional game developer when I complete my college, and at the end all I want to say is a big Thank you to both of the teachers in the course.

Warm Regards



Hey, I am Bhanuteja from India, living in New Delhi. I have learnt C and C++ in my school. I have taken this course so as to improve my programming skills by creating a project related to Game Development. I took this course thinking that it will help me for my project in 3rd year in my University. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering.


Hello, my name is Darren. I’m currently attending George Mason University with the hopes of becoming a professional game developer with an emphasis on game play and narrative design. With that being said I have yet to run into an area of game development I don’t like, and I have been studying 3D modelling and music composition alongside this course to give myself the most well rounded understanding of how to make games. I do eventually need to start learning about how to run a business in case I ever get the chance to start up my own company though, lol.


I’m Justin from Florida. I’ve graduated from Full Sail with my BA in Game Art and my MA in Game Design. I decided to take this course as i primarily have an art and design background. And i wanted to expand my knowledge and get a better understanding of C++ and the development side of things.



I’m Khalib from New Zealand. I’ve been a gamer for years and always been interested in what going on be hide curtains in the world of digital arts. Took up on this course to get a better understanding before working with a project with a few friends.



Hey all!

My name’s Adam and I live in the south-west of England, near Bristol. I’ve just started the Unreal C++ Developer and Blender courses. Firstly I must thank @ben for creating GameDevTV and making quality teaching available at an affordable price – thank you!

I’ve been interested in computers and games for as long as I can remember, starting with a second-hand NES from a friend when I was very young. I later had an N64 which really got me hooked on games and then when I was about 9 or 10 I remember not being able to get a game to run on our PC because it only had 2 MB (!!) of video memory and the game needed 4 MB. Luckily a local computer shop had a Voodoo Graphics PCI Accelerator for sale (by then a couple of years old, so not too expensive!) and since putting that in our PC I’ve loved building computers ever since!

On the software side, with the leak of the Half-Life 2 beta, an online friend and I got really in to fiddling with the editors and learning how to make levels and we wrote some tutorials on HL2World for the choreographing software that we somehow figured out how to use, but since then life has got in the way (I’m also not good at sticking with one thing, but getting better :stuck_out_tongue:) and I never mastered anything to a professional standard.

But enough of a history lesson! I’m here to get back to using my creativity to make fun things and hopefully take it further if I can – it would be great if some of us from these courses made a bigger project together! I hope some of you will have similar stories to me and I look forward to making new friends of many of you :smile:!

PS. If anyone plays Sea of Thieves, my wife and I are always on the lookout for new crewmates to sail with us! I also play WoW on Chamber of Aspects. So please send a PM if any of that is your cup of tea (or if you want someone to play a different game with you – I have lots I haven’t got around to playing much of!)


Hi, my name is Gavin and I’m from New York. I’m currently in college and I have already learned some programming languages, and now I’m looking to learn the unreal engine!


I’m Miklós from Hungary. I am a developer (php and java), and I saw a game called Astroneer, that also uses Unreal. My old dream that I would like to learn game development, and it was the sign that I should start it! :slight_smile:


Hi, my Fabian, 20 y/o computer science student from Germany. I’ve been working with Unity for nearly 2 years now and in an effort to learn C++ do get ready for the industry, I decided to learn Unreal now.



I am a “seasoned” old-school developer who has always wanted to get into game development (since 1987, but who is tracking). I found the Udemy course doing a Google search, and enjoyed the intro and decided to take the plunge! I have a Masters of Science in Software Engineering, but have been living in the JS and C# worlds for a while, so my C++ is rather rusty. I am looking forward to this course to freshen my C++, and to kickstart my ability to start writing my own games :slight_smile:



Hey Guys.
I’m here just to say Hi :wink:
Stay focus. Let’s do this :wink:


Hi! I’m Klyok. I am biophysicist and translator from Belarus. Also, I am VR gamer, I had one year of Muai Thai training and 6 month of Java courses.
I use active VR games to stay fit, but, unfortunately, my favorite games don’t have all features I would like to use.
I had an idea of rhythm VR game I want to make, so, I made a pledge to became Steam developer, received Knuckles controller prototype and started to learn UE and develop my game. Now, I am here with all of you, guys. =)


Hello, I’m Sharise but I typically go by River amongst friends and family. I am in British Columbia, Canada. I am interested in learning to do 3D Modelling, Animation and Digital Art. I was originally not interested in coding, but have some interest in game development, but just was not high on the priority of my other 3 main interests. My husband is interested in building games and had somehow talked me into learning and taking this course so we can build games together and see what we can come up with. So I am here to learn and see what sort of awesomeness my husband and I can create together!


hi guy new to the course and unreal engine from Texas, USA