Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



Hi, I am Stephan from Cape Town. I created one game for a project in University, but now I want to know more about developing games. Currently I am a software developer at a fintech company, but would love to make the switch over to games.


Hey everyone! I’m Nathan, aspiring game developer (who here isn’t? :smiley:) from Adelaide, Australia. Looking forward to getting familiar with Unreal!


Awesome Nathan, welcome.


Thanks Stephan. How far into the course are you?


I just started with section 2. How far are you?


Section 2, lecture 20 at the moment. I’ve done some c++ before so it’s pretty familiar but I find lots of little helpful explanations such as namespace.


Awesome. I am completely new to c++, I have only been working with C# and java so far


Hey guys!
Almost finished your course on Blender, it is great!
I have been coding in C++ for over a year now, so I have some knowledge, but looking forward to learning Unreal!
Greetings from Poland! :smiley:


Hi folks! I’m Rodrigo from Brazil.

I start this course after listening to a game development podcast and get excited about the idea of being a game dev. I already have some experience with unity, but seems like Unreal Engine fits better in what I want. I’m also learning English, so I think that participating in the forum will help me a lot on this journey.


Hi All!!

My name is John, originally from the UK living in Barcelona. No previous programming experience but wanting to learn something new!!!

Good Luck Everyone!



Hello all! :slight_smile:

My name is Nikolay, I’m from Bulgaria but currently live in Poland. I’ve always wanted to make games and studied computer science in university, but after graduation due to some circumstances I started in a different field. I’m excited to get back into coding, learn new things and begin my journey as a game designer. :slight_smile:
Good luck to everyone !



Hi I’m Mike Manahan. I applied for a job as an unreal developer and I’m here to get some experience before my in person interview.


Hello, my name is Dusan and I am from Serbia. I have been playing games my whole live, still remember the first one, Duke Nukem on Pentium 1 :smiley:

I finished the IT collage in my country, I had classes with c# and c++ and I learned the basics but was never interested to go deep into it. I majored in Networking and new technologies, even finished the CCNA course. I am working as system/cloud engineer currently, and it’s been going on for 4 years now.

Recently I was asked to test one game from local game dev company, and I was really amazed what i saw there. I believe I just found my passion. I want to inject myself in game industry and be part of development team.

I got an advice to start learning unreal engine 4, so I started this course. I feel like I will need a lot of help to understand the coding part, and honestly I am little afraid that it may not be my cup of tea. I understood that a person can work in UE4 without any knowledge of coding, but in order to get better at it, coding will be needed.

So wish me luck, I hope that I will gain great increase of knowledge about coding and game development after this course.


Greetings! I’m very new to Unreal but not new to game development… I was the lead designer on EverQuest for several years at Sony Online Entertainment / Daybreak Games… Now I’m off doing other things, but I still want to make games, and so I’m here to learn more…


Hello everyone,

I am Jordan from NYC. :smiley:
I am here to begin the journey to developing my own game and make the most of this course. Best of luck to everyone that is participating with these lectures!


Hi everyone! I’m Leslie from Uruguay. I have a degree in CS and I’ve been working with computers for more than 20 years, mainly in the IT - Infrastructure area. Game development was my main interest when I started studying CS, but I never had enough time for it until now. I hope I finally can move into the game development world. Regards!


Hi! I have a very similar background and motivation for taking this course as you! Good luck!


Hi everyone,
I am new to programming, started 2 months ago with learning c++ and a week ago found out that c# and c++ it’s actually used to make computer games witch I’ve always been into.
A friend of mine recommend me to try Udemy and this is what I did.
I have brought a c# complete course for 2D game creator, and C++ Unreal engine course the one I’ve started with. which one of this 2 courses would you recommend to a beginner to start with ?
I feel very excited to be here and cannot wait to learn more, this is gonna be so much fun and educative in the same time, looking forward to meet new people and share experiences and ideas.


Hello, Udemy Community;

I am an experienced programmer, but I’ve spent many, many years in system administration and project management, so my skills are, frankly, nearly non-existent. Yes, I remember HOW to program, but I’ve lost a lot of the nuance and lexicon. Also, I never did take up any of the OO languages and I never had any interest in graphical interfaces of any kind. I’ve only ever liked (and still do) the purely back-end, logical feats of programming and mainly business.

However, time marches on and I find myself in a situation where, if I choose to stay in data processing, I must start programming again. There is little else I can do in my present condition. That said, GUI coding is virtually inevitable in today’s programming. So, I have brushed up a little on C++, and I have learned a little bit about using a the graphical library, Qt. And, although I’ve not been much of a “gamer” as such, I have played a lot, so it’s not like it’ll be an alien environment. I figure, I might learn to like it and it will certainly be a rich theme and topic around which I can find myriad coding inspiration!


Hey there,

My name is Sean, and I’ve just finished up the Section 1 Wrap-Up for this course.
I’m new to coding, but have worked in the video game industry for about 7 years or so both as a QA Tester and Artist.
The studio I worked in had a in house engine, which was sort of an amalgamation of Unity and Unreal, so I have some familiarity with working in game engines, but Unreal is still pretty new to me, and coding has definitely never been a strong point.
I don’t really expect to be making my own games after this, but hope I can at least get a better understanding of C++ and definitely the Unreal engine.