Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



I don’t know if my last post went through but hello everyone I’m new to this and really enjoying the class so far thank you.


Hello everyone!! Im’m Kayo but my nickname is Kinho, and i am a brazillian web developer getting to learn c++ and unreal, im aspiring become a game developer in the future, im passionate about coding and finally i got some specs to use unreal, hope to make amazing stuff!


Hello. I am Patrick Stefano, from Brazil. I’m a music production major with an interest in working with sound design for games in the future.

I have worked in the past with mobile app development doing just my side of the business: sound and music. I figured out you can’t really get into it unless you know at least a bit of the development part, otherwise you depend totally on the other guys to implement your job into theirs making the whole process slow and boring.

My idea here is to scratch the surface about game making so i can delve into it again without being absolutely helpless about the implementation of my side of the job. Hopefully, while i’m on it, i can build a small portfolio and experiment with the sonic possibilities of the engine.

I hope i am able to go through it smoothly and learn a lot in the process!


Hello, I’m Guillermo.

I’m doing this course to learn UE for my doctoral project, but also to become a semi-pro with C++ since I like programming


Hi all
I’m Chris from Australia

Looking forward to learning C++ and having some fun with games dev.


Hello! I am from Moscow, Russia. I just passed wrap-up. I love videogames and i think that videogames are an art. I want to learn c++ and unreal to create games. First task after course - try to emigrate to USA. And, this course looks wery cool. Best wishes to everyone! (I am apologize for my grammatical mistakes).


I’m from Colorado. Doing this course for fun to extend my programming beyond python. I chose this course because I like video games.



I love game. I love playing game. My passion toward game is now heading to how game is created. I used to study in this field. Now I would like to come back, continue my study, and reach to the goal this time!


Hello Course Mates!
My name is Ryan, I am from Utah and attend school at the University of Utah. My goal with taking this course is to become more competent in coding and in Unreal so that I can become a better asset on group projects. My dream is to work in a AAA studio and have fun making games!


Hi there!
My name is Tamara, I’m from Moscow, looking to change lanes from frontend to game developing. Games are simply amazing and I want to be part of this wonderful world. I chose this course to get a quick start in programming in C++ using UE.


Hello there!

My name is Carlos Eduardo Pérez. I’ve already taken other courses from GameDev.TV; specially the Unity ones (although I’m also a Kickstarter backer of the Godot engine course which I hope to learn once I finish this course).

I’m a fairly experienced C# programmer, and I’m also well versed with the Unity Engine (my moment of nirvana was building my own in-editor tools, which albeit basic, are a big achievement for me).

I’m taking this course since I want to reach new horizons. It was a rough year for me and sadly I’ve been struggling with jobs at web development and, because of it I’ve lost some motivation and joy when it comes to game development. I’ve even suffered a severe creativity block which I’m still trying to overcome nowadays (low morale hurts creativity A LOT, believe me).

So I want to start fresh and actually find that joy in game development again. Since I failed in web development now my goal and dream is to tackle game development head on and get a job in this industry. And if I can’t get a job then I want to publish my own game. I don’t care if it’s not the next revolution, but I decided I truly want to be a game developer.

I hope to learn a lot from this course, and I have faith I’ll master Unreal Engine and I’ll use it even better than I use Unity!

Well, my introduction was long so I’ll end it here. Good luck everyone and nice to meet you!


Hello my name is Anthony Houle. Im using this course to finally break into something ive always wanted to learn and thats the classic video game designing.


Hello folks!

My name is Victor and I’m a 17 years old high-school student from Romania (a country from Europe, lel).
I play computer games since I was 2 and now I’m eager to learn how the magic happens :smile:
If all goes well, I think I wold like to work in the game design industry, since all my life I’ve been surrounded by games and gamers :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi I’m Carl from Florida. I learned some C++ while studying Electronic Engineering. I’ve wanted to learn more coding and figured it would be enjoyable to do so while learning to build games as well.


Hi I’m Chuck. I have had a knack for coding but have been a network design engineer for almost 20 years. I want to expand my learning and see what I can do with it as I have had a goal to learn game making for years. See what I can do with it as a hobby or even more.


Hello everyone, Im from Turkey and studying on Electronics. I wanna improve my coding skills and learn how to game industry works. I hope this course will contribute me about cpp and game making then ı could be able to apply some jobs at the companies.


Hi, my name is Aaron, from Utah. I have experience in graphic design, 3D animation and motion graphics in live television environments with a focus on real-time, and sometimes interactive, graphic elements using various broadcast graphic engines and various scripting languages for logic. It’s long been an interest of mine to be able to utilize Unreal Engine as an alternative to more traditional broadcast graphic engines. I’m hoping to be able to take what I learn here and apply it to several ideas I have on how to achieve my goals.


Hi, my name is Victoria I am from Florida. I have some experience with Unreal engine 4, and have built a small working game form beginning to end with it. I am hoping this course will help me understand the finer details of the engine as well as help me develop my workflow.


Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel and I’m from Florida! I’ve been into video games for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I decided I wanted to create something as entertaining and emotional as so many video games I’ve played over my childhood into my adult life, and so I decided to start teaching my self how to work with UE4 solo, making a 3rd person game based off a dream my brother had, I never completed it and only really got a very minimal environment set up with a rudimentary bungalow, a forest, with free assets from the Epic Game Community stuff, terrain, and simple AI before I got lost and wasn’t sure exactly how to go about the finer details within UE4. Flash forward to this year and I found this UE4 dev course that had basically what I was looking for to learn the basics and then some. So hopefully by the time I finish this course I’ll understand exactly what I was doing back then and actually make something complete, functional, and that I can be proud of! So here’s to hoping and I’m more than excited to take this journey along with everyone else!


Hello, my name is Dany looking forward to learn how to create an awesome and entertaining game. :slight_smile: