Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



Hi , my name is Idan.
im from Israel , my experience is that im a java developer im still during the course…
my dream is to open a studio of video games… Hope that I starts in good place.

Good luck everyone :


Hi, my name is Nick.
I work at Disneyland and get to write code for the resort. My scope is fairly limited and as of now I only use Lua, but I’m hoping to expand my knowledge to make myself more valuable.


Hi everyone I’m Stephen. I work in the automotive industry and have an electrical engineering background. I get to research the lastest AI and machine learning challenges as they relate to automotive. I’m very new to Unreal but have some C++ coding background. I look forward to the new learnings in this course!


Hi my name is Naris i’m from Thailand. I’m 16 years old teen who love computer.I started to learn your blender course and wanted to transfer that knowledge in to game engine so i can make new games


Hi, I’m Kunal from India. I’m taking this course in my gap year from work, and am trying out new stuff in tech. Usually I’m found on the server / network side of things, excited to be developing!


Hello, I’m Kevin from Taiwan.
I’m now a student of Houston Community College and planing to transfer to UT Dallas for video gaming. My goal is to become a game designer of a bestseller title.


Hi I’m Mohammed Ibrahim.
I just started game development using Unity but didn’t like it so moved to unreal.
I live in Libya(I know this looks strange).
You can contact me at twitter or email me at mohammedibrahim.co@gmail.com.

I’m ready to team up with anyone at my region.
P.S:I really need friends :smiley:


Hello, my name is Matheus (but call for my nick is fine). I live on Brazil and as everybody here, i intent to create games learning the UE4 and C++ for better otimization. In my first project finishing the course, i want to create a game like Killing Floor (the first one) with friends fighting waves of creatures with a place to buy weapons in each wave and a system with spawns for the zombies, AI and a final boss for each playthrough using low poly assets. :smiley:


Hi there Edward from Bombay finally i got the time to start learning gaming and aiming for a game to made as my final year project for my graduation and well be using that project to start my gaming portfolio.
So i will be in your care


Hello, my name is Tony. I live in Texas. I’m on Section1 lecture 12, loving the course so far. I have a strong programming background and CG background. I want to get familiar with UE4 with C++ and create my own JRPG and eventually a multiplayer isometric ARPG like Diablo.


Hey everyone!

My name is Isaiah Wolfe and I’m an aspiring producer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. Since Unreal engine is made in my Raleigh, North Carolina I want to get comfortable with it to further my understanding and help my chances entering the industry.

Nice to meet you all!



Hi guys, my name’s Shannon!
I’m a student majoring in Art and Business at a small college in the North Carolina mountains. For my senior project, I decided to create a video game! No other student at my school has attempted this, and the college doesn’t offer any programming class, so I’m really grateful for this Udemy course :joy: My passion is storytelling, and I’ve explored doing this through fiction writing, photography, and now video game development. I’m taking this course over my fall break so I can have a basic working knowledge of C++ and Unreal Engine.
Good luck with all of your projects!


I know Winston-Salem! I’m going to school in Asheville, but my home base is Charlotte.
Small world!


Hello Everyone! I just finished the Section 1 Wrap up, and I’m posting here to introduce myself. I’m from Texas, in the United States. I have a little experience with game development, in Unity and Gamemaker. I really want to break into game development as a career, so I’m learning Unreal since its one of the most popular engines in the industry today.


Howdy ya’ll! Just following instructions and saying hello. I am just teaching myself a variety of python and c++ subjects until I find a good lead into a software developer job. I like being able to make all kinds of things, but everything that is physical requires lots of space, material investment etc. Since I don’t have that kind of anchor, I am looking into software for a career. I will go back to the other stuff for hobbies when I have enough money put away to settle down.


Hey Everyone,
I am from India. I am a beginner in this course. I am from mechanical engineering background( which I don’t enjoy that much). this is my new hobby apart from playing games of course. I am willing to switch my career and hopefully I can make career out of this interest. if anyone from India or even other country interested in working together please let me know.


where in India mate?


Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Crazy! I love Asheville, definitely my favorite place in NC. Nice to meet you Shannon!


Hello Everyone!

Classical/experimental composer-performer reorienting himself towards video game development here! Decided to give this course a purchase for $10. Seems great so far! I’ve loved video games since I received my first console from a very young age, so I’m beyond excited to be able to contribute and create in a community that gave me so much!

From southern California (Inland Empire/Los Angeles/Ventura County). Hope to meet some of you!