Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



I used to work in the videogame industry, but after a layoff I found a programming job with a schedule that left me time to be outside. That job is gone and I’m looking to return to videogames, working on my own rather than move from Montana. My background is programming, but I dabble in game design. I found a few local artists willing to collaborate and I hope to have something to show within the year. My background is C++ so I expect Unreal to be a better fit than Unity for me.


I went to Melbourne this summer and visited the Eureka Skydeck. Loved the transportation situation with trams running everywhere at all times of the day.
Good luck shifting to a career in game programming.


Hey guys!

My name is Jazzy. I really enjoy playing video games and am currently studying Programming. The only Programming related class I have involves programming logic, but I am hungry to learn an actual language. My goal is to become a Software Engineer but I also want to learn game development for fun. I have been learning a bit of Blender and plan to delve into the C# course as well. Excited to learn C++ (and C# just because) and to join a new community!



I’m Roman from Germany, I started C++ Development a few months ago, finished another course and now I’m beginning to learn Unreal Engine. I want to start programming professionally and hope that I can start soon at a friends company! I wish to discuss about questions while going through the course and as I am not as experienced in online discussions about programming, I hope that I can accomodate fast and get as much as possible out of the course and participate in the community.

See you all later :slight_smile:



I’m a 20 year old from California, i’ve had many ideas for games in my life and have prototype a few but never go any further with then but that stops today. I have many projects lined up for me to complete the first being a cooperative card rpg for up to 3 players with hard core rpg elements. its just something i wish existed and it dosen’t so ill make it.



28 and from Illinois. Always loved building things and trying to build programs and games has always seemed like fun so i’m here to give it a try to see if I like C++ and Unreal



I’m Sasitha from Sri Lanka. Loved making new things. Hope learn new things and enjoy.


Hi everyone, I’m Federico from Italy, I am currenty doing a PhD in Robotics but I’ve always loved playing video-games and as a pretty experienced C++ developer I am eager to take this course and hopefully someday develop a cool AI :slight_smile:


HI everyone
im Sean from israel and i always realy loved video games im 13 and my dream is to work at video game companies when i will grow up


Hello peoples,
Im Cullen and Im currently from California, Im an electrician that is looking to change fields. Ive been a gamer for as long as I can remember (although a bad one lol). A buddy of mine to a EON reality, Virtual and augmented reality class and has transitioned into the field well. Im hopefully going to follow suit. He told me to learn c++ and Java before class started so here I am.


What part of Illinois are you from? I’m originally from the Quad Cities.


Hi I am Manoj from India. Have always loved playing games so now i am looking to learn how to make them. Hopefully can pick it up.


Hi guys, I am Sam from London. I work in the technology world but have spent last 12+ years on the client facing side now revenrting to my roots in the coding world… oh wait its all new stuff to learn. Can’t wait to develop my first mini game!


Hi, my name is Ian. I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m aspiring to be a video game designer, majoring in programming. The experiences help and I can’t wait to make this and be able to create my own projects.


Good morning all! Time to see if I can get my head around developing with unreal… I want to keep 1 step ahead of my son… cheers, Jeremy


Hello martin , could we meet ? I live also in Austria



I’m Solomon and I’m from Panama, but am currently studying games programming in Scotland.
I just began Uni two weeks ago and I love it here.
I have spent about 8 months working on the Unity courses and I must say they have really given me an understanding of programming and game engines.

I am moving to the Unreal Engine because I want to begin working on C++, and a lot of the students here really recommend this course. Coming from the Unity courses I am sure this one will not dissapoint.

I know I want to be a programmer and I would love to work in a game dev team, but as of now I don’t really have a clear career goal. For now I am just going to focus on my studies, learning as much as I can, and making new friends.

Good luck to everyone!


Hi, my name is Gabriel.
I want to be able to contribute to gaming in some way in the future, i hope i am able to keep us with the course.


Hi Guys,

I’m Michael and have been looking forward to starting these courses for awhile now. Finally have managed to get a decent paying part time job to free up my time for learning and developing. Born and raised in Brixton in London and Currently live with my partner in Gloucester. Looking forward to fulfilling my dream of running my own game studio one day!


Hello there!

My name is Davide and I’m from Italy. This year I got a degree in Informatics Engineer but my passion is for videogames. I hope this course will help me enter this fantastic world and become a game developer!