Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



Hi My name is Jorge i work full time as system engineer I. I’m originally from Puerto Rico, but because of the destruction of hurricane Maria i dint have much of choice but move to GA state. Since a long time i’m was very interested of learning unreal engine and expand my knowledge of C++ in game development. I’m hoping to meet friendly people that we can share the same objective and passion.


Hey my name’s TyrantGod.tv,
I’ve had a passion for level design and games of course, but looking to learn all there is to Unreal and C++ to eventually make the dream game everyone can enjoy.



HI Guys , It’s Mustafa Taher from Egypt ,
currently I am computer engineer student and I am very interested in making games
I have tried Unity , Blender and now Unreal :smiley:
the most thing I like is sharing my imagination with others :smiley:


Hey everyone, I’m Fabio!
I’m a Computer Science student from Tuscany, Italy, and the main reason i enrolled this university course is to then become a game developer with a strong fundamental knowledge about everything that regards programming, so, this udemy course gives a great help accelerating and supporting the process!
I hope to improve a lot, to give life to great products and to have a lot of fun!


I am Aryaman from India , I am very excited about this course.I want to learn c++ using unreal and ultimately want to dive into multiplayer game development.
I hope I will learn a lot form this course discussing with all of you folks.


Hello to everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Aron I am from surrey in the UK, I am doing this course to get a better understanding of programming and hopefully this and other course will arm me with the tools and knowledge to move my career into game development in the future.

Wish you all the best with the course. :smiley:


Hi everyone!
My name is Aaron but you’ll see me around as Axron. I’m from the Western United States, i’ve been wanting to make games for a while now and decided now was the best time to really just dive in and start learning properly. My goal for this course, and for the C++ course i am also enrolled in, is the get the boost i need to start making games in UE4 and give me a good foundation to learn from and improve. I hope to engage with you all on the forums!



My name is Justin and I live in Delaware. I have been programming since 2002 and gave also been involved in network infrastructure. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and create video games.


Hi, I am UI/UX developer and i am new to game development.
I am not getting smooth 60fps on unreal engine i am getting about 20-25 on its layout
right now i am using mac book pro 15" it’s got i7 4720hq and integrated gpu
i want to know that is it sufficient or should i build a desktop


Hello game developers,
I am Rohith from India.I have been working on Game Development about a year.Beginner in Unity 3d and Unreal.Skilled in Blender 3d.


Greetings Everyone!

My name is Chris, aka Gideon, Rosario. I have been avoiding Programming since 2013 when I graduated with a Masters of Game Design (which really was about being a Producer [aka Project Manager] but just named badly). The reason for that is because I did a few Unity tutorials online, and debugging or creating new functions was really frustrating for me…

Because of that I created a start up called Manna Entertainment LLC. I started design for a Top-Down 2D Space Shooter similar to Geometry Wars, Super Star Dust HD, etc. called Space Exodus. I basically led a team of one main Artist, a freelance Artist, a Musician/Composer, and a whole bunch of Programmers… The only ones who worked, with the exception of one, were already my friends from school. Basically this game was planned to be developed and released within 6-8 months, but it’s been almost 4 years and we just barely have a very unfinished version on the Google Play Store. So much of the design is not implemented, but I am happy to have it out…

The main reason I am here and finally “biting the bullet” when it comes to C++, C#, and GameDev in general, is because my team believed in me with nothing to show but a plan, and a lot of Word Documents with some rudimentary art done to try to communicate what I envisioned. My goal is to get good enough where I can prototype our own games (I have a REALLY burning idea for a Switch game I want to prototype in Unreal 4), and modify/develop our own new games going forward with or without help from other Programmers. I don’t want to wait another 4 years to develop a game that should have taken 1 year. I plan to make more Mobile Games, hope to get a few Moby Dicks, and eventually be able to fund AAA style PC/Console development without having to bend over backwards to Investors and Corporate control killing creativity.


Hey, I’m Julian!

I’ve been studying game design in some capacity since I was 12 when I subscribed to the (now defunct) Game Developer Magazine. I started actually learning game development using GameMaker when I was 17. Since then, I’ve been through both Unity courses, the Blender course, a bit of the RPG course, five years of college (BA in Digital Arts and Sciences) and two years of going between general programming, web dev, and game dev.

My goal for this course is to become just as comfortable with Unreal as I am with Unity and make some high quality games for my portfolio. I like Unity better as an engine, but I’ve always liked C++ more than C#. Plus, a lot of the programming jobs I’ve been looking at request Unreal experience, so it couldn’t hurt to get better at it. Hopefully by the end of the course I will feel comfortable doing game jams with people using Unreal.

Anyway, good luck to you all and enjoy the rest of the course!

Oh, and here’s a link to my page: My Games


Hello Everyone!

I am Daimen, and I adore playing games. I have been programming games since I was 13, and decided its finally time to learn some Unreal Engine. Great course so far :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

I am Daan, a 25-year old student living in the Netherlands.
Two years ago I rolled into designing a VR experience to help elderly get physically active.
At that time I got introduced to the Unreal Engine, but my school isn’t about game designing.
My study is actually about Multimedia Design, so I didn’t have much opportunity to use the Unreal Engine.

I am now in my final year doing my graduation project with UE4.
Once more, the goal is to develop a VR-exergame for elderly.
Since doing this project, I got really eager to learn a lot about the engine and this is where I start.


Hey man How is everything going for you?


Hello all! Names Tim I am from the Southern California High Desert Inland Empire area I have been on here before just took a big circle around left midway through this course started learning Unreal on my own then Blender, Zbrush, C++ and now decided I needed a professional teacher and decided to give this course another go and so glad I did now that I am pretty familiar with everything this course does not feel overwhelming at all good luck to you all and I am open to collaborating on any ideas especially with the artist on here :+1:


Hey Mhow how is everything going for you how is the studies?


Hey Daboricus hows your studies going?


Hey batgirl! How are you liking the course?



I’m from Melbourne, Australia and finally listening to the feeling I should have recognised when I was 12, and at various times since, that I really enjoy programming…so now, a good 20+ years later, I’m properly starting down the path towards a career shift into games programming.
Already done a few basic things with C++ but now looking to gain familiarity with some of the tools of the trade (Unreal, Unity, Blender) to better help me in my future studies and career.
Been gaming almost since birth and very much enjoy diving into game systems and mechanics design so I’m always down to work through design ideas and dream up interesting mechanics interactions.

Looking forward to peeking behind the curtain of Unreal Engine to see how the magic happens, and make a bit of my own :slight_smile: