Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



Hello! I’m just throwing my hat in the ring of responses here to say hello as per what the Udemy lesson suggested. So far, this course has been great and I’m liking the structure and appreciate the advice given so far. I’m taking courses to expand my interest in game dev and inner workings of computer programs into a useful and fun skill. I’m also looking to break out of my own introverted shell and have fun with all the challenges and progress to come.

Looking forward to being part of this community and begin making things! -Andrew, from Massachusetts USA


Hi fellow people on the course!

I’m Nicholas J Campbell,
A bit late too this course but it’s necessary for me too learn Unreal, I have a history in web design and a very large history in gaming.
I’m doing this course too further my knowledge of Unreal Engine, and learn about game making!

Cannot wait too carry on, thank you everyone.


Hello All

I’m Daniel, Uk

I LOVE Computers And I’m Taking This Course Cause I Want To Work With Others To Develop Games Commercially And Open Source!



I´m Jorge, from Toledo (Spain). I’ve been programming for a while as a way of living, and had made some experiments making games -of my own- and collaborating with others. My preferred tool was Game Maker, but now I´d like to go one step beyond with THE THREEDEE

Wish me luck!


Hi I’m William, I’m a pre-med student in the United States but I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own video games. I’m really optimistic about this course and looking forward to it


Hello, my name name is Michael. I live in Louisiana along the Gulf Coast of the United States. I’ve been programming since I was eight or nine years old, starting in GW Basic. I’ve recently started up with game development again after a long time away and I started taking these wonderful courses from Gamedev.tv and Udemy.

Besides taking Blender, drawing, and Unreal Engine courses, I’m also learning Japanese!

My goal is to create my own indie games and make the kind of games that I like to play.

Other hobbies I enjoy are Linux, retro games, and chess.


Hi! My name is Jamie and I am from North Carolina. I’m here because, like many people, I love video games, but also because I don’t quite know what I want to do with my life. I’m 19 and beginning college in August, but I am trying out various things like this before I declare my major next year. I figure that, even if I decide game development isn’t for me, at least I’ll have basic C++ knowledge and a wider skillset after this course, as well as maybe a new hobby. Also I love to learn, but I hate school. Things like Udemy and Khan Academy are, in my opinion, the future of education. All in all, I’m excited to learn all this stuff and can’t wait to meet some of you over the course of these lectures!


hi I am Anders from Norway. I am just a bored student trying something new


Hi i am Julio, 22 years old from latin america especifically from Paraguay, i am very new to programing in general ,after thinking for what i wanted to do with my life i realized that playing videogames are the thing i really enjoy but as i was getting older i distance myself from then, so in trying to not lose that conection i now try to get myself in development, i am not an artist not very crative so programing is the way for me, anyway i hope this lead to something great if not at least interesting.



My name is Gabriel and I live in Sweden. I’m currently a studying high school engineer with an interest of making my own games. I have been playing around with UE4 blueprints for some time and have decided to further expand my knowledge with C++ programming.

My goal is to create my own medieval RPG game.

I’m really looking forward to complete this course.


Hi everyone! My name is Andrea. I am an iOS Developer and I work and live in Sheffield. I was born in Italy and after my degree I changed some jobs and made some experiences chasing my dream of developing games. I decided to take this course because after many failed attempts in developing games in the way I want on iOS using Apple’s own frameworks, I felt the need to do something to have what I was missing. The point is that SceneKit is suitable for making effects and simple scenes while SpriteKit is just a proprietary sprite engine which would have made impossible for me to port my games elsewhere without rewriting everything from the scratch. I used Doom Editor, idTech2 Editor for Call Of Duty and Unreal Engine 3 in the past but just for making little mods and level designs for multiplayer maps with my friends, so I thought that this was the right chance for me to take my knowledge of these instruments on the next level and learn something which would be useful for me after this mobile parenthesis of my life.
I was going to learn Unity but when I read about the improvements of UE even for mobile/2D projects I had no choice than learn to use what I think is the most flexible and industry-standard compliant engine.

Now I have to do this course and finish three mobile games. After those I will land my first PC project. Wish me good luck! See you on the forums! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, My name is Till and im studying IT in Krefeld, Germany. In a search what i would like to do in the future i found this udemy course. I would like to make games for living, so i think master this course is a good start to that.

Hope you all have a nice day. See you on the next discussion. :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is David and I am studying a degree in computer engineering in Spain.
I want to go through this course to learn the basics of videogame development and see wether or not I like it as much as I think I will do. I have always love videogames and I really like programming so I expect this to be the beggining of something great for me.
See you later on :slight_smile:


I’ll call myself arsonist on here…

anyways, I’m new to this. but I’ve had a very strong interest in being able to develop some games… I’d really like to make one game that would essentially be a cross between say grand theft auto and splinter cell - open world, but stealth will be necessary to carry out the missions and tech/gadgets will be indisposable - game will also have an in game economy - you will need to raise money to be able to even attempt carrying out missions, and if you have law enforcement notified the mission can sometimes be automatically failed.

I’m also a very big fan of the Tenchu franchise, so id definitely LOVE to make my own ninja game and perhaps even place it in modern times as opposed to medieval japan where the Tenchu franchise takes place…

In summary, I’m 38, born and raised in California, but moved to the Midwest… I finally have a computer capable of running unreal 4.2 and Ive been very eager to get this ball rolling.

Now I’m gonna get back to work on my course!!!

have a nice day every one.


Hello World! I’m Nataniel Pitner, and I just finished Section 1.


Hello i’m Jop and i’m 14 almost 15 years old and love to play games. I live in the netherlands and I am very much looking forward to this course.


Hi All,

I’m a teacher and thought this would be a good summer project (actually I thought it would be a good summer project last summer but never got started but such is life) I teach in the area of technology and have taught some very basic computer classes in Python and Game Maker language as well as some block code languages such as Scratch and others. Hope to learn some more and maybe show some of this to my students!


HI everyone

I’m a full time software engineer and currently have four years of experience in C++. Game dev is something that sounds intriguing due to the sheer complexity and interdisciplinarity of the topic. So I decided to take the course to get familiar with the Unreal Engine.


G’day, I am Max from Australia.

I am a retired IT guy, and gamer since the very first gaming systems came out. I first learned coding peeking and poking on an old Commodore gaming console. Since then I’ve been involved in way over 30 languages and mastered none. Things just change and move on too quickly in the world of computing.

I’ve been playing with UE for a little while now as a hobbyist using the Blueprints, and decided to start trying to use C++ to possibly rewrite my 50-70% complete game done in BP. Not a huge fan of C++'s complexity but let’s see how it goes!


I call myself arsonist… I’m originally from California, but now I live in Ohio…

I want to create my own tactical squad shooter that will incorporate elements of ghost recon wildlands, GTA, Hitman… it will have an in-game economy and some crafting elements…