Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



~HELLO WORLD. I mean whomsoever see this.
~I’m currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from IIIT Jabalpur(An institute of National Importance).
~I’m in my 3rd semester of total 8 semesters.
~I;m from India.
~I’ve always been a gamer. I’ve played games ranging from first person shooter, unity games, open world rpg,
~I’m intermediate with coding in C language and now I’m learning C++ .
~And, I’m here so that means I’m also learning how to make games using Unreal Engine and by coding in

I hope it’s going to be a great journey.
Cheers, Harshit(Friends call me Harry)

And, if anyone wants to connect with me may connect in the following platforms:


Hey guys, my name is Paul, I’m from Michigan, and I aspire to be a C++ coder and game developer!


Hmmm… got confused and posted in the Q&A.

My names Dez and I live in Auckland New Zealand at the arse end of the Pacific Ocean. I’m here because my son , who is a 3DFX tutor and 3D Wizard (Level 64), wants to make games but doesn’t have the time or the inclination to learn to code. His older brother is tied up as a Technical specialist with Weta Digital and doesn’t have the time either.
I haven’t done any coding for at least 15 years although I have done some Windows Admin scripting but not for about 5 years.
I was looking for something to take me out of my comfort zone and this may just be the thing I need.

I am gob smacked that all my downloads and installations went without a hitch although my URE version is a bit newer that the one in the lecture vids. Means I have to think from time to time and that’s a good thing.

Looking forward to the challenges and maybe having a korero (talk) with some of you as we progress…


Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I am from Raleigh, NC. I started taking this course as a personal hobby to learn about coding and game development. I have basic experience in coding and I am excited to move forward and see what I can learn about coding in unreal. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone through out this course.


Hi everyone! I’ve been a traditional artist with diverse medium. Miami and Atlanta and are my playgrounds. Just diving in to see what this can be. :grinning:


Hey there everybody. I’m Sebastian from Warsaw, Poland. Recently I quit my job as a customer service coordinator/team leader in a medium-sized company, and now I’m taking time for myself to rebuild my career around something I actually care about. Because of this, I took up drawing as a hobby, and now - started my programming course. I have some rudimentary experience with coding - I did some Pascal and Python, but nothing on a regular basis. I’m hoping that I can find out, If I am cut out for programming work, and if so - to start building my experience.
As a side note - It’s actually cool to see all those posts back from SEP 2016 :slight_smile:


Hi guys, My Name is Kwame Ackah Bohulu. I am originally from Ghana but i am currently doing my PhD in Japan. I am taking this course to improve my programming skill and hopefully be able to monetize this knowledge. Looking forward to making friend and receiving encouragement from you guys!


“Hello World!” -quite literally

My name is Joel and I studied computer science (C++/Java) in college and have been tinkering with developing in unreal already. The goal is to take what I know now and mix it with what I don’t or even may be overlooking to further my skills as I continue to develop.


Hi everyone, my name is Ali and I’m from Kuwait. This is my first time using using C++ and writing code in general. So far so good.


Hi all,
Ira here from Canada. I love the idea of creating stories through an immersive gaming experience.
I look forward to seeing some of you out there one day. Perhaps we can build something extraordinary together.


Hi everybody,
My name is Azim and I studied Computer Science in college. I’ve also been working in the software industry for 3 years and am hoping to make a transition into the AAA game industry.


Hello everyone!
I’m Manfredo from Milan, Italy. I’m already quite familiar with c# and Unity and I’m learning Unreal and c++ to hopefully find a job as a Game Designer.


I, at the moment, am a college student in Utah who is finally starting to get off his lazy butt and try to learn to make games. Really, I’ve been in school for two years now, so it’s about time.



I am Vishal, I am from India.

I have always been fascinated by video games.

I have been working as User Interface designer on mobile games, willing to upgrade some levels with unreal now.

Wish me luck for the journey ! :smiley:


Hi my name is suliman alkadi and i just started learning programing any tips?


Hello everyone, my name is Alejandro, I’m an engineer from Mexico with very little background on programming but I have always loved games and decided to take the plunge with this course, so I’m introducing myself as requested on lesson 11. I’m looking forward to learn lots of things and well, make games hahah, so see you all around here, cheers.


Hi people,

Nice meet all you. I’m brazilian (HUE HUE HUE), I have experience to embedded systems and I wanna learn new things. Like game is a of my loves, why not make games?

So this is it! Anyone can contact me and I hope help other users if I can. Finally, sorry my english. Tks


Hi i’m Andrew im 30 and live in Milton Keynes. i have always been an avid gamer and i want to learn more about how games are made, i did some c# programming in university but i am a novice still


Hello! The name is Tony! I am currently a college student and have decided to major in Computer Science. I live in Florida and recently decided that I don’t have to wait for an internship to gain experience in the field! I love to game and with this course,I hope to make something that others can love in the future!


Hello from the mountains of western Maine, USA!

I’m Peter and I’ve been programming on and off for quite a few years now, most recently web dev and GIS stuff in Python (though I did tutor an Intro to C++ class in college). I’ve fiddled around with UE4 a little bit for game jams, but in a very seat-of-your-pants-hope-the-Youtube-tutorial-is-up-to-date kind of way. Really looking forward to getting legitimately good at Unreal!