Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



Hi everyone, im Juan from Argentina.


Hello everyone! I’m Scotland, from America! I decided when I was ten that I wanted to make games, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Right now I’m part of a game development program at my college, and I’m trying to get good look at some of the big engines around. Previously I’ve worked on a bunch of games that never got released, mostly top-down 2d RPGs. I’m most proud of these ones: Crystal Eyes, a top down RPG where your only weapons are a bunch of orbiting crystals you control by gravity (made in unity), Heartbeat, another RPG with a similar dual world mechanic to some of the zelda games, except that you swap in real-time for some interesting combat (Unreal), and Origin, a 3d platformer about a cute little robot with guns for hands (Unity).

I’m hoping to get a more formal knowledge of Unreal in this course and really fill in the gaps of my knowledge, I’m really excited! It’s nice to meet you all! ^-^


Hi guys! I’m Max from Germany and I’ve stumbled into the Unreal course more or less, because I am actually interested in the Godot Course, which is on Kickstarter right now. So I joined the AMA asked a few questions and Ben convinced me, that calling for multiplayer section in the Godot Course really doesn’t make that much sense, when there already is the Unreal Multiplayer Course. So I bought that course and for context I also got the Unreal Course. I think I have plenty to learn now :slight_smile:

I’ve done some game development in the past, not as a programmer, but as a 3d artist. I also have programming experience in high level languages JS, Python, PHP, but this is the first time I give C++ a go. I’m actually quite enthusiastic about it!


Hi Guys!

I’m Patrick. Love gaming and hoping to learn to make some games. I’m in US in Los Angeles, but I’m originally from the Chicago area. I got a degree in CS so I’m hoping that will help with the coding sections of the course, although I haven’t used c++ a ton.

I’ve made some simple games in the past and have a little knowledge of Unity, but not too much. I’m also planning on taking a few of the blender courses offered here as well so I have a little knowledge in creating assets as well.

Anyway I’m excited to dive in so I’m headed into section 2 now!


Hello everyone

I’m Kenneth, I live in Texas and am studying computer science at UTRGV, or rather, i am about to start studying. I was previously attempting to major in Mechanical Engineering but i never truly felt like it was for me. After some time thinking about it, I finally decided to go with a degree in CS.

The reason i signed up for this course is to get a head start on coding and familiarize myself with the technological environment before i actually start the classes in school. That and i’ve always loved video games, which was a deciding factor in changing over to CS, just the thought that its one of the many things that one can do in CS is exciting in itself.

I look forward to completing this course and seeing how much i learn!


Hello! I am Shivansh from India. I was always fascinated by games and i wanted to find out how to make one. I really want to make one myself at the end of the course. I am currently in my senior year in high school where I am taking a computer science class,learning C++, i have some programming experience with java and python too.


Hey everyone, my name’s Pablo and I’m here to learn how videogames are made. Hopefully at the end of this course I might be able to make one =).


Hey everyone, I’m Ahmad ! Currently I’m a full time student at University of Manitoba (Canada) studying Computer science and trying to do my honors in it. I’ve always been interested in gaming and the aspects of its making. Hence so I am here now trying to learn about the behind the scenes working of game development


Greeting, all. I’m a game designer living in Toronto.

I’m taking this course 'cause someday I’d like to make my own games.

Excited to see what everyone creates in this course.



Hey @Ahmad_Raza. Fellow Canadian here! Best of luck in the course and in your studies.


Did you do a C# script in the Unity project? If so, double-clicking this script icon would open it in Visual Studio without you having to do a new Visual Studio project…
Sorry… I reread… you are on unreal. I don’t know it but maybe it is the same procedure: make an empty script and double-click to open.


Hi! I’m Ignacio, systems engineer from Argentina, working in Appsec for 2 years now.
I’ve been programming since I was 16. Now my brother and I want to make unreal version of a videogame played by us in our childhood called Argentum Online. Hope this course guide us to do it!


Hello everyone! I am Dan from Los Angeles, and been working in professional post production audio & game audio for nearly a decade. I am stepping through the Unreal Developer course to expand my skill set into understanding programming and deepening my knowledge of game engines, with an eventual eye on narrative and dialogue systems design.


My name’s Sean, my goal’s to be an indie developer. Nice to meet you guys


Sergi here, from Barcelona, nice to meet 2 guys!

I know about web developing, and I’m sure game developing will blow my mind as well :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
I’m Lilian and from France, I’m studying cognitive science and have already done some python. I wanted to try out C++ and landed on this course. Liking video games I think learning C++ while doing video game can be interesting and motivating.
I play mainly mmorpg like FFXIV at the moment, but I play a various number of other game when I have the time also, passing by assassin’s creed or even the sims 4.

I wish a good day to all of you and see you later !


Well hello everyone!

Keeping up with those instructions for the fun I suppose. I’m a recent CS MS grad. Didn’t find the course I wanted, so now that I have more free time (ish, work keeps me busy), I decided to keep polishing the resume. Gotta keep learning I suppose.


Hello everyone! I’m Nacho a Computer Science Student from Spain. I’ve been around the game dev-world for some time, I’ve developed some games and participated in quiet a few game jams, mostly 2D stuff using Godot and Unity. I never got into Unreal engine yet and I really want to learn about it! I also love 3d modeling and sports! I’m so excited about this course and if you wanna talk about games, game-dev, coding or anything just hit me up!


HI. My name is Davarieus. I’m originally from New Orleans, but moved to San Francisco after getting out of the military. I moved here and obtained my AA and BFA in music and sound design for film, tv, and other visual media. I’m looking into getting into gaming so that is why I am taking this course.


Hi my Name is Georg, I am from Germany and have about 4 years experience programming Java in school. I learned some C++ before starting this course and am really excited for finally getting this done. For as long as I remember playing Video Game I have always wanted to create them, but for whatever reason I haven’t started until now. Contact me if you want to have a friendly chat.

Have a lovely day :slight_smile:,