Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



Hello everyone!
My name is Anastasia and I am from Columbus, Indiana in the United States. I am a full time teacher at a Middle school and a part-time Computer Science student. I am learning C++ for school and I thought it would be amazing to further my learning through this course. I am very interested in learning the nuts and bolts of how games are made and I hope to tinker in Unreal and, hopefully, eventually come up with something of my own. It will be fun!


Hello I am Fernando from México city, i like some much video games, play them. but now my passion and goal is create my own video game.




Hello there, y’all!

Frank from Norway here. Bought this and the Blender course ages ago, but then life came in the way so haven’t done much. Now it’s the time to do something new and so here I am.

I have some experience with not so much writing code, but mostly taking existing code and change it, but not at all in C++. I don’t think writing games will become my new career, but who knows? :slight_smile: I hope I can do some small games that I will probably just publish on some website somewhere, but mostly I hope to learn C++ enough so i can experiment with all sort of things like AI, machine learning, big data etc. I’m good at faffing about and learning a little about a lot. :slight_smile:

Good to see that the course is still alive and that people are making comments. Let’s do this together and get through this course with some new knowledge and maybe a couple of new friendships.

Have fun and see you all i Cows and Bells!

PS! And if you kill or gets killed by OldGrumpyGamer online, then you probably have found me.


What’s going on, I’m Brendan.

I’m from the bustling not-so-little-town of Cary North Carolina, and I’m an avid gaming and soon to be C++ coder.
For the longest time I’ve really been in a hard place in regards to my future, because there’s competition for everything, and I despise the American School system with a great passion. So the solution is Coding! I’ve build a computer and everything, so you might say I’m putting my marbles in one basket. Or some old saying like that.

I hope to be able to get an internship, and then later a job at the local Epic Games, and I’m working on building my resume so that I’ll be a great candidate. I also plan on taking a gap year to get certified rather than 4 years to get a degree and debt. I think I’ll be better short term, and once I’m in a more comfortable place I’ll head upstate for a few years of schooling.

I don’t have an end goal, at least not yet. I think I’m ahead of myself already, so I’m careful not to get too far into my ambitions yet. Only 15.


Hi everyone, my goal is to become an unreal engine 4 and c++ game developer


and i am from Sheffield, UK


Hi everyone!

I’m Diego, I am from Valladolid, Spain, and I’m looking forward to learn how to use C++ and then start create a video game prototype that I have on paper.



I’m Andrew! :slight_smile: I’m a Linux Admin and want to learn some C++, although, I do want to have my own side projects. (Games of course)


Hi, my name is Edward, I am from Prague. I came here to learn programming and game/app development. I hope getting this new skillset will allow me to find a new job (and later on clients and go freelance) and spend time doing what I like and love. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone. My name is Zerin, coming from Bosnia, Sarajevo. Looking forward to learn some new stuff and meet myb some new ppl from around the globe. :smiley:


Hi guys!

I’m Carlos and come from the Canary islands, Spain!

Hopefully with this course and other ones I’ll be able to make my own game!


Hi i’m Ronan, I am currently a college student in philippines and what I like to achieve in this course is to have the skills and knowledge to build my own games based on my ideas. Anyone who would like to work with me is welcome.


Hi Everyone,
Kieron here just finished section 1, looking forward to expanding my knowledge and hopefully begin my journey on creating my own game, Really into playing games with my friends, Let me know if you play Pc or ps4.
Also from the Uk!


My name is Quazi Tarik. I am originally from Bangladesh but live in Malaysia. I am studying Computer Science Specialized in Game Development in Multimedia University in Malaysia. i learned C++, Java, mySql and still learning. I love gaming since childhood and i want to make it my profession by creating games in future.


Hi, my name is Eesa Munir. I am from Sheffield, UK and i hope to become an unreal game developer and build successful games.


Hello, my name is Eric Neubauer, from Brazil. I’m an audio-visual production student and in my college games aren’t the real focus, but I love to work with them, so I got the course to start learning a new engine (I was once a unity developer).


 Greetings from Turkey 

I’m Demiray, from Istanbul. I’m here to learn UE and meet up with people with similar interests. I ll be working on quick amateur game projects to prepare for future professinal ones. I have some training on music, coding and communication.


Hello everyone! I’m Jack Ng from New Zealand. I am a 3D production student and I hope to some day build my own games in Unreal Engine from scratch in order to bring my ideas into reality.


Hi ! My name is Wagner and i’m from Brazil. My goal is to get used to UE and improve my skills in game design. Thanks.