Welcome to the Unreal Engine Developer



Hi, My name is Eesa, and i live in Manchester, hows everyone finding this course, i’m finding it so entertaining and intersecting.


Hello, My name is Chris. I bought and started this course WAY back when it was first launched. I then got busy with School and had to step away. I am now joining an Indie team that uses Unreal, so here I am to learn how to help my team. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!
My name is Mateusz. I’m just (maybe :smile:)normal student from Poland. My colleagues from technical university infected me IT hobby. I really want use this course to upgrade programing skills and start my journey in game development. I love meeting new people and make new friendships. If you want to know more just ask me :smiley:


Hello everyone,
I am taking this course because I want to experiment with Microsoft AirSim!
If anyone of you is into Computer Vision and Machine Learning / Deep Learning
I am happy to make contact with you!
Good Luck!


Hey Everyone,

My name is Victor and I live in Florida. I have always been interested in learning programming and even took some classes in college but was never able to advance beyond the basic concepts. I am hoping that my love of gaming will spark that interest and potentially turn this into a fun hobby.

I hope everyone is able to get what they are looking for from this class!


Hello Anthony,

Nice to see someone else from Orlando on here! I got my undergrad and masters from UCF in 2010 and 2016 respectively. Your undergraduate research on Global Illumination sounds interesting. I was not aware of what that was until I saw how great it made Assassins Creed Unity look.

Hope you have been enjoying the class!


Hi everyone!

I’m a caregiver and a freelance pentester. I’ve played videogames for as long as I can remember. I would want to make a living making video games some day and get out of the health care field.


Hello Everyone!
I am Daven, I find this class udemy seem fun to have. I have some free time, and I have play game for a long time, so I want to create a strategy game(which I love the most) even it is very small


Greetings everyone,

My name is Kevin Song, I am a gamer like you from China and about to go to University of Utah to study CS and game design this fall. I have programmed with Java and C# and cannot wait to dive into the C++ and Unreal Engine.

I hope you all become a kick ass game designer. We should lend our hand to each other to reach that goal and create amazing digital contents in the coming years.


Hello All. Name is Clayton and I am from Iowa. I program C# for a living and have taken some of the Unity courses. Felt like trying something new so I am diving into Unreal and C++ and giving it a go. Something new to keep the brain learning. Wish me luck. :slight_smile:


Hey all - I’m a level designer from Canada working on improving my various gamedev related skills. I’m taking the Blender Character course, and now diving into this Unreal one as well.



Hi there @all!

I’m a professional developer, developing business applications for a living, working under several companies. I do mostly C#, Swift, Java and some frontend stuff with Javascript and Typescript.

I first learned how to code gradually by starting off with C, Pascal, etc. and worked my way to higher level languages, but mostly forgot about everything ^^.

I got myself a Nintendo Switch and after seeing all those Indie games I reallygot the urge to start off developing games for fun. Never used C++ and have no idea of how to get models, develop 3D stuff and whatnot.

So far I’m really enjoying this course, I hope to make some friends here too!




I’m a med student learning to code because I believe that it is a highly valuable skill and most likely in the future become the standard form of writing. While looking through courses on udemy, I came upon this course and thought that it would be fun to grasp the basics of C++ by making computer games.



I am Diego and I am a Game Design Master’s student in Germany.
I specialize in 3D Modeling and Animation and I am generally proficient with Unity and C#.
I think it’s time for me to learn a new skill, so here I am!



My name is Brandon, I’m learning basic game design with Unreal in hopes that I can one day make a decent game, and take my knowledge here to push forward into the industry. I’m a full time student at a local community college in the Washington DC area, trying to play catch-up after spending ten years in the field of Systems Admin and Engineering. I’m pretty proficient at scripting through Python and Bash, and have a basic familiarity with C++.


Hi Everyone!

My name is György and I live in a small town in Hungary. I am a vehicle engineer and a gamer. I’ve been always interested in games and programing but never took the opportunity to learn it. I have very few experience in programing, never have to use the small knowledge what I’ve learnt in the university. Now I would like to change that, and I could use the coding skills also druing my work hopefuly. I am very exciting just started the course.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Emily, and I work as a Biostatistician in North Carolina. Day to day, I do a lot of statistical programming but am very interested in creating video games and learning C++. Looking forward to learning a lot from this course!


Hi everyone. My name is Aaron and I am a Nurse from Northeast Georgia. I am on family medical leave and decided to take this time to learn something new just in case I wont be able to return to my field. I have always loved playing video games and grew up with them. So I decided I wanted to do something more with my intrest in gaming. This is my first course with UDEMY and in fact my first online course ever so I am really excited about starting.


Hey Guys, I’m Mert from germany. I study International Media Computer Science and I want to work in a cool game studio after I’m done with my study, so I give my best to learn C++, creating as much games as possible to get a good feel for whats necessary to code in a game and understanding Game Engines. I’m here to learn making games and having fun. Maybe someone will be here for the same reasons and we can put our master minds together to create something great. Thanks. Greetz Mert!


Hello everyone. My name is Adam. I am from Prague in the Czech Republic. Right now I am working as a junior java developer for one marketing agency. I am here to learn new programing language and to get more understanding how does computer games work and how to create one. And maybe one day create something that others want to play.