Welcome Everyone!



Hi there, this is Marcello I am a former solidworks user and I’ve been 3D modeling extensively for engineering and manufacturing purposes, mostly for designing electro-mechanical parts for automotive and robotics markets. I’m trying to switch to blender for exploiting its superior cinematographic features so to better present my creations, better convey how the move and interact with the environment they are supposed to live in.
My goal is vehicles design.


Heya everyone, I’m Ojas and I’m a student currently studying the IB diploma programme. I developed an interest in animation and 3D modelling a few months ago and was considering as a career option, and therefore I decided that I would try to learn Blender so that I could get started on developing some basic skill in computer graphics. I aspire to master Blender completely by the time I apply for college so that I can strengthen my application. I’m always down to chat so message me if you wanna talk about anything!


Hello Community

I’m Jonas. I am studying Intermedia design in Trier Germany and I’m currently working on a game. I have some basic knowledge about 3D modelling but much of it is self taught. Up until now I only worked with 3D Studio Max and Maya but from all I’ve heard I wanted to give blender a try.
In this course I’d like to learn about how to operate blender and learn about what makes a good 3D model for games (topology and stuff like that).


Hi everyone!
I’m Carol, it’s my first try at anything digital art related and I look forward to working together with this community, and learning from you guys!
:paintbrush: :smiley:


Hello community !!!

I’m Hayk. I’m Unity3D developer from Montreal, Canada and now I want to learn 3D modeling, texturing, rigging and also existing 3D model optimization.


Hi everyone,
I’m Helmuth - from Namibia in Southern Africa and I’m thrilled to take this course!

I’ve been a gamenut since before I got my first NES - going back to the Double Dragon/WonderBoy years and I’ve always wanted to create games

I’ve played around with POVray, Blender, C++ before but have never made the decision to go into game development. I am ready now and I have more time on my hands so it’s just the right time to start.

It’s going to be a long and difficult journey, but my aim is to create my first professional game in 5-7 years time! :smiley:

I am so excited to have started- and to join this community.


hi everybody,
I am Hasan. I am learning blender for the first time through this course. And I am feeling excited to learn new stuff with blender.


Howdy, everyone!

My name is Stephen, I started this course to help me making models for my games. Right now I want to start my own Company to makes games so that I can be my own boss. I know that both the business side and the game making side are going to be hard but I am going to work hard on both so I can make a proper structure for everything, but I know I can do it with hard work, dedication, and help my friends and family.


P.S. I want to be able to make game full time as a living.


hi all. I used to do some 3D animation with C4D but decided to switch to blender and eventually also try out some unity for game development. I’m generally a fan of low poly works, but I love ultra-detailed 2D illustrations as well. my favorite videogames are New Vegas and Nier;Automata. I also do hand-drawn 2D animation and plan to make mixed-media works in the future.


Hi there!

I’m Florian and my goal is to learn creating 3D models especially for games, learning animation and game logic. One day I want to work for a game company.


Hello everyone. Im hari and my goal is just to learn making assets for games.


Hey guys!

I’m Xabi, I’m an industrial designer and my goals are to learn modeling with a non parametric software but especially to take my renders to the next level taking advantage of the potencial of Cycles.


Hello all, my name is Carla. Have a small, minuscule, Blender knowledge. Just want to expand it.


Hello everyone,

I’m Ash and I’ve had some experience with blender before, which is why I am coming here to see if I can develop my skills even further, even someone who has had experience may missed out on some tricks and methods to do stuff.

My goal is to further educate myself to become a better 3D modeler so I can create better 3D models for my projects.


Hey im Aaron im looking forward to getting able to use blender to create models for video game


Hello, I’m wolfy and the course is great! I am hoping to create people art by the end of the program.


Hello everyone, I’m Rebecca!

I’m 18, and looking forward to animating to make a profit, and hopefully work for Disney someday maybe! I find animation quite fascinating in movies, and always wanted to know how they did it. Same for video games like the one I grew up with, Kingdom Hearts, which I love dearly. I’m so excited to finally be learning how to animate! :slight_smile:


Hi there, Phil from New Zealand, addicted to learning and I’ve been fascinated by computer generated imagery since I was a child. I’m learning Blender because I recognise it’s an immensely powerful creative tool and I want to see how far I can go. I hope one day to make a living producing my own 3D art (both virtual and physical) and selling it to anyone who finds it inspiring or useful.


I’m Brandon from Australia. Nice to meet you all!

I’m Interested in getting into game development. Some of my favourite game series are Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Xenonblade Chronicles, Zelda and Metroid. Current goal is to volunteer as a 3D modeler for a mod project called Beyond Skyrim.

Hope to hear from you soon!