Welcome Everyone!



hi everyone, my name is anderson and i starting to learning blender in a more instructed way by this course, i have a few unity projects that i’m working and i hope that this course helps me to accomplish the 3d modeling parts of them, so maybe i post some of my works here or on another post (don’t know if this is the appropriate place :thinking:).


Hi, I’m Foxie. I’ve been writing story ideas for novels I’ve wanted to make for most of my life, but in 2012 I saw a game that showed the world the writer envisioned and that’s what I want to be able to do too. My goal is to learn how to make games and learn all of everything that goes into them, from 3D modeling to motion to even sound designs.


I’m Fred, a student from Mexico. I’m pretty much new to blender, unreal, and 3D modeling but I’m looking forward to using these tools in order to make my own games.


Hello everyone!
I’m Jessica and while I’m an amateur artist, I’ve never ventured into digital art. I’m excited to get started and learn a new skill!


Hello everyone,

My name is Gabe and I’m very excited to start learning Blender! I’m currently a VR/AR Developer and love everything related to the field of 3D graphics! My goal from taking this course is to learn more about low-poly model creation so that I can apply my knowledge to this emerging field. Looking forward to learning :slight_smile:


Hello Blenderers, :),
My name is Chris Allen and I am a complete noob to 3d design. I have a 3d printer collecting dust in my home office so I wanted to learn to design some 3d images that I can print. I am also starting to delve into some game design where this skill could be useful. So here I am. Wish me luck. :slight_smile:


Greetings all…
Looking forward to learning what can be done with Blender. I’m a complete beginner who has recently taken an interest in 3d design. Hoping to apply it to game design and other artistic fields. Been eyeing this course for awhile and just now decided to jump in. :sunglasses:


Hey guys! I would say I’m a beginner/intermediate-level developer starting with Angela Yu’s course on Udemy (iOS 12 & Swift) and looking to expand my knowledge by taking other courses on Swift programming. I hope to get a full understanding on programming concepts but my goal was always to make a game and by downloading Blender - I have to say I fell in love with the interface! I thought creating a game would be a one-man show but I see now that it takes a lot of heads to be able to put something amazing together. Looking forward to collaborating and networking with like-minded individuals aspiring to be fellow business associates.


I’m a chemist who likes computer programming. I’m a noob at 3D modeling and game design. I’m here to learn and to keep my brainmeat supple.


Hi everyone, my name is Jeroen and I’m a Belgian architect, but I also dabble in graphic design. I’m interested in bot Archviz, but also more ‘creative’ stuff like character development and such. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun doing this course.


Hi, My name is Zhafran and i am interested in blender 3d modelling since it could be used for so much stuff, especially to make some rig for videogames, photo realistic stuff, and animation.



I am Rucmenya from India. I am a robotics enthusiast and I am interested in learning 3D designing and animation.


Hello everyone, I am Mayank Maurya, I am from India. I am currently self teaching myself programming and computer science and thought it would be great to learn blender as well. :smile:


Hello Everyone!

My name is Jarden Wuhl I’m from Israel and I just finish college where I learned 3d animation and game design.

At the time I was in college, my work usually include working on Autodesk Maya and wanted to start my luck with blender as it was highly recommended to me.:blush:


Hi Everyone,

My name is Midori and from Japan.
I want to make my avatar for VRchat.
If you are interested in VRchat, Please feel free to talk to me.

Nice to meet you all.



Hey Peepadeeps!

My name is Parker and I’m a game developer studying producing and technical art with a game design degree. Most of the work I do is self-taught with third party tutorials and if I want to be a tech artist then I dfinitely need to start studying art and 3D modeling/rigging! Can’t wait to learn more and grow. Hope everyone is doing well and has had a good day!

Eat all the french fries,


Hello fellow blender students,

I am Myk, software developer with an interest in 3D modeling. I have followed blender for some time now but this is my first course. Wish me luck :flushed:.
I look forward to seeing all our design come to life.



I’ve never used Blender before and have no idea what I’m doing. Just looks fun though


Hello, I’ve been using Blender for quite a while and after this course I want to be able to pro class models for animation and game dev.


Hey guys, I’m Norberto,

I have done blender in the past but not to a high or advanced standard, I hope this develop my modelling skills as well as contributing to my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award which I am currently doing.